London’s Best Bars For Non Alcoholic Cocktails

London’s Best Bars For Non Alcoholic Cocktails

So you’re pregnant, teetotal, religious, detoxing, skint or just not feeling it… whatever we hear ya and so do most of the best bars out there. Sometimes there’s more to life than getting trashed, and some of London’s finest bars know that too. Sit back, chill out… it’s cool, let’s get you something to drink…


The Artesian at The Langham Hotel

This bar is outrageous and is always voted the in the world, believe us, you don’t want to miss out just because you’re not drinking! These guys have a whole menu filled veggie cocktails – but even if you’re off the booze, they haven’t forgotten about you. Order in a “Moshi Moshi” which is a juice drink made with kale, celery and melon, we feel healthier already!

1C Portland Place, London W1B 1JA 

Mark’s Bar at Hix

These guys have some non-alcoholic drinks that sound so good it makes you want to turn teetotal. Although there are only a few options BarChick loved the ‘Lost Valentine’ with lemon sherbet churned with chilled green tea, smacked mint and a touch of orange, spiced with nutmeg.

66-70 Brewer Street, London, W1F 9UP

The Connaught

Going here is special whether you’re drinking or not; and if you’re not then don’t worry cos these guys have some seriously well balanced virgin cocktails on offer for you. Try the Tea Rinfresco (meaning ‘I refresh you’), a blend of ginger syrup, lemon juice, pear nectar and Jasmine tea, shaken and served in a highball glass and garnished with dried pear and fresh mint. Yes please.

Carlos Place, Mayfair, London, W1K 2AL 

 The Beaufort Bar

This place is so fancy it’s a shame to let it go to waste just because you aren’t drinking, plus they have live entertainment every night. Ignore the Champagne and instead sip on “The Carnival”  made with passion fruit, fresh lemon, vanilla syrup, orange flower water, cream and soda water – churned until ice cold. Or choose the House Made Flavoured Lemonade – fresh lemon, soda water, bitters and your own choice of flavour – choose from rhubarb honey, raspberry, honey, vanilla, cardamom, fig leaf or pineapple!

But of course, if you want something else, tell them your taste and they will whip something up for you. Sit back in these grand surroundings, sip your drink and enjoy the show.

The Savoy Hotel, 189 Strand, London, WC2R OEU


Although Hawksmoor do some mega cocktails we all know the star of the show is that meat (and trimmings). So you’re not drinking? Who cares?! They’ve got some soft drinks for everyone available at all Hawksmoors. Here for breakfast? Get the Cornflake Milkshake for £4… otherwise, the guys here are known for their Shakey Pete’s Ginger Brew so why not order their Ginger & Juice to feel like you’re getting some of it, they obviously use the same ginger syrup. Not your thing? We also liked the Apple & Mint Swizzle (each are three quid, bloody bargain).

157 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BJ 

 La Bodega Negra

Whether you’re in the café bar upstairs or in the dark and dirty restaurant through an old sex shop entrance, you can get involved with this amazing Mexican menu. We’re talking tacos, tostaditas and shiz off the grill… hell yes. Sure your mates will be washing this all down with tequila but whatever because you can get involved with either their hibiscus water, ‘passion fruit ting’ with passion fruit, ting, cranberry, lime and grenadine or the ‘Jax Cooler’, jax coco water, apple and vanilla! With this much food who cares?!

16 Moor Street, London, W1D 5NH


You might think curry and beer is the ‘done thing’ but you’re wrong. Traditionally you should team your spicy food up with a fruit juice, lassi or punch – how convenient for you! So needless to say these guys have got LOADS of drinks for you to choose from including fruity, herby, tea infused or some serious chai flavours. We loved the Bhang Lassi atraditional Holi drink, with fresh shreddedmint instead of hemp (boo!), ginger,grenadine, candied fennel sprinkles and coconut milk. The beauty of this is you can have it with or without rum, so anyone can enjoy!

7 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 7JE / 12 Upper Street, St Martin’s Lane, WC2H 9FB


Passing Clouds

This place used to be a squat but it’s now a hippy hanging, film loving, weird and wonderful world. Whatever day of the week it is, Passing Clouds will have something to offer, whether it is a people’s kitchen, a late night jam session, pre-World War II ragtime night, or some good old fashioned dance lessons, this place is available to you whenever you want it. If you aren’t drinking they have a vast tea selection ready and waiting for you, plus each night there is a £3.50 meal on offer for everyone, that’s right, one meal each night just like at home!

1 Richmond Road, London, E8 4AA

Duck and Waffle

Hit Duck and Waffle any time of day, this hang out is open 24 hours so if you want breakfast, lunch, dinner or a midnight feast it makes no difference. Try their foie gras all day breakfast or their signature dish, fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup – you aren’t drinking so these extra calories don’t count. Plus, whatever time of day you decide to arrive, the view will still be just as amazing, sunrise or sunset! With 360 degree views of London you can see everything. The super-fast lift is a reason to visit alone… although, ignore everything we have just told you if you have vertigo (of course).

Heron Tower,110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY

 All Star Lanes 

Obvious choice if you want to go out without the booze and still have some fun. Sure a drink on the side might give people that extra confidence boost they need but we’re sure you can get a load of strikes if you practise. This retro diner is the perfect hangout with a group of mates. Get a side of fries, a coke float and a couple of lanes and that’s your evening sorted!

Holborn, Bricklane, Bayswater, Westfield


Another good game to keep you occupied when out is ping pong, no need for a glass in your hand when you’ve got a racket. Plus, if you head to Ping on a Monday there is all you can eat pizza for £15. YES PLEASE. Work off those carbs with a vigorous table tennis match, and take in the décor, it was designed by “I LOVE DUST” who were behind MeatLiquor’s edgy ceiling art, so yes, this place looks pretty damn cool!

180 – 184 Earl’s Court Road, London, SW5 9QG 

 Hint Hunt 

With all that being said, who even says you NEED to go to a bar?! We’ve got JUST the activity for you and that is Hint Hunt. This beaut is for team building/laughing at your mates crack under pressure. We can’t give much away or it’ll ruin it but all we can say is the experience is AMAZING. Take Cluedo, throw in Crystal Maze with a touch of Fort Boyard and you’ve got it. Don’t break things, play nice and let’s see if you can complete the task! It’s only 16 quid a head with teams of 5 so round up the troops!

72 – 76 Eversholt Street, London, NW1 1BY