Boozy City Break: Dublin

Hop on a plane and go to Dublin for a weekend. It’s full of history, there are pubs on every corner and the leprechauns and locals are friendlier than in any other city on earth. Fact. Over here the pint glass is always half full… of Guinness.


Who knows how a day spent in Dublin will end up with all that Guinness about... just to be on the safe side we say atone for your sins ahead of time. Get up and head straight to Christ Church Cathedral, it’s definitely a sight to behold and will get your spirits up for the day ahead. After a quick tour you’ve definitely earned your breakfast. Sure, you could swing by one of the many greasy spooners, but we say hit San Lorenzo’s for their brunch of champions. These guys don’t mess around when it comes to breakfast; we’re talking Panettone French Toast, Eggs Royale & Bubbles and Chargrilled Striplion Steak served with eggs. Go big on the sides and get the cocktails flowing, these guys won’t judge you for washing your breakfast down with an Amaretto Sour (it’s got egg white in it after all).

Stomach lined we say hop on a bike. Dublin’s had Dublinbikes, a bike share program since 2009 and it’s a good way to get around. Cycle along the banks of the Liffey River and take in its famous bridges - each one tells its own story. Spot a pub you like the look of? Park up for a pint of Guinness - you’re in Ireland after all, home of the good stuff.



All that pedalling will make you hungry, and we can think of no better place to long out a lunch than at Super Miss Sue. No one knows who she is but she’s the bomb and her fish is second to none in this city. Tuck into oysters, scallops and don’t miss out on the spider pig. There’s a fish and chip takeaway bar if you wanna keep moving, but we say with jugs of prosecco flowing and the coolest loos in Dublin, sit tight for a couple of hours and watch the pub fill up opposite.


With over 666 licenced pubs in Dublin it’s seriously tempting to get stuck into an afternoon session, but we say resist (at least for a couple of hours) and pay a visit to the home of the black stuff. The Guinness Storehouse museum is in the thick of the cobbled St James’s Brewery, learn about the history of the company and how it’s made, and at the end get a chance to pour a pint - there’s a science to it which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Pint happily in hand, head up to The Gravity Bar, with 360 degree views of the city it’s certainly a sight to cheers to and is the ultimate place to watch the sun set.


Education over, head back to the centre of the city and perk yourself up with a Margarita at our favourite tequila-filled hangout, 777. Hell, take the night into your own hands and get things going with a tequila flight - tequila makes you happy, right? Right! If you say it’s your birthday they’ll throw you up on the bar and make a big ol’ fuss of you, or you could sit quietly and work through some chorizo taquitos.


Tequila got the better of you? Fuel up with a burger at Izakaya - it’s a beef and pork pattie, served in a homemade bun with lashings of Asian burger sauce and it’s pretty famous in these parts. Or get stuck into the 'Japas' - that's Japanese tapas to you and I. Into your sake and Japanese whiskey? Then you're in the right place - the shelves are bursting with the stuff.


Finally we say wind down at Bagots Hutton Wine Emporium, this wine cellar is the oldest wine bar in Dublin so go and drink in a little history. Sink into a Chesterfield, order a special bottle, dance to the DJ on the weekend and just pray the owner’s Great Dane is there - he’s the closest you’ll ever get to meeting Scooby Doo.