What is The 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup?

Phew, what a week! Bunjees, jetboats, helicopter rides, sheep and a hellova lot of vodka! Congratulations to Team USA for taking a well deserved first place and to the NZ and UK teams for second and third respectively. Check out the teams and the competitions lowdown below, oh and if you're looking for BarChick Louise? She's recovering at an ashram until further notice -

Team USA:
Steve Schneider – Hadzismajlovic- Employees Only (New York)
Beckaly Franks – Clyde Common (Portland)
Ken Kodys – Root Down (Colorado)

Team New Zealand:
Barney Toy – Suite Bar (Auckland)
Giancarlo Jesus – Hawthorn Lounge (Wellington)
Guy Jacobson – Hippopotamus (Wellington)

Team UK:
Terry Cashman – The Hoxton Pony (London)
Max Venning – Epernay (Manchester)
Simon Toohey – Callooh Callay (London)


What do bungee jumping, vodka and Tony Conigliaro have in common? They all made an appearance at this year's 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup final in NZ. In its eighth year, the Olympics of the bartending world kicked off last week and BarChick went down under to report live from the scene. Teams of bartenders have been battling it out for months for the chance to represent their country in the world finals held in 42BELOW's country of origin. Challengers from the USA, UK, Italy, Australia, and NZ along with a team of previous finalists, aka the ‘startenders' competed in high adrenaline challenges whilst making drinks to a 'lab experiment' theme, in the most talked about cocktail event in the business! Did we mention there was bungee jumping?

The vodka? What started as one guy experimenting with vodka-making in his garage, has evolved into a worldwide success and a spot on the back bar in some of the best drinking holes on the planet. Distilled from wheat and NZ spring water, on the country's 42nd parallel, 42BELOW vodka is smooth and tasty and it comes in good flavours too, like kiwi, passion fruit, manuka honey and feijoa.

If you think you can make a mean Martini whilst jumping out of a plane, check out their website on how to enter next year's comp...

If you don't believe our hype just check out the video from this year...