42BELOW: The Finalists

Mixology madmen? Bartending adrenaline junkies? Call them whatever you want, but these are certainly not your average bartenders. The guys and girls in the final of the 42BELOW vodka cocktail world cup have made it through regional heats, country finals and really long flights all so they can represent their countries and jump off bridges. OK, so they'll also be testing their mixology abilities under the toughest conditions and learning all there is to know about 42BELOW along the way. The competitors have given their blood, sweat and tears to make it to the finals of the event known as the Olympics of bartending. With a mix of extreme sports and extreme cocktail making, the showdown in New Zealand is gonna be one hell of a time (party). The prize? World domination of course.

Here they all are….

Team UK:
Terry Cashman - The Hoxton Pony (London)
Max Venning - Epernay (Manchester)
Simon Toohey - Callooh Callay (London)

Team USA:
Steve Schneider - Hadzismajlovic- Employees Only (New York)
Beckaly Franks - Clyde Common (Portland)
Ken Kodys - Root Down (Colorado)

Team New Zealand:
Barney Toy - Suite Bar (Auckland)
Giancarlo Jesus - Hawthorn Lounge (Wellington)
Guy Jacobson - Hippopotamus (Wellington)

Team Australia:
Chad Hanson - Eden Bar (Adelaide)
Shaun Pattinson - Cushdy (Adelaide)
Eoghan O’Neill - Casablabla (Adelaide)

Team Italy:
Andrea Ferrigno - Matinee (Maiori)
Sabrina Galloni - Morrison’s (Rome)
Patrick Pistolesi - Rivalta (Ripi)

Wildcard Team from Scotland:
Jamie Macdonald - The Raconteur (Edinburgh)
Megs DeMeulenaere - Bramble & The Last Word Saloon (Edinburgh)
Danil Nevsky - Society (Aberdeen)

Startender Team:
Daniele Pola - NU Lounge (Bologna)
Michael Callahan - 28 Hong Kong Street (Singapore)
JJ Goodman - London Cocktail Club, Covent Garden and Goodge Street (London)