5 Cocktails To Make At Spritz O' Clock

Puttin' On The Spritz!

Light, fresh and fizzy - there's only one kinda cocktail to kick off your evenings with now the nights are warming up. And it's always Spritz O Clock somewhere, right?

El Bandarra Spritz

Wish you were on a Barcelona terrace sipping on spritzes and eating your weight in Potatas Bravas? Us too. We can't hook you up with the tapas portion of your fantasy, but this epic spritz using El Bandarra Al Fresco will get ya halfway there...

Clementino Spritz

This sparkling number is made with Ginato Clementino, an Italian gin showcasing Tuscan juniper, Nebbiolo grapes and juicy, sweet clementines. It has hints of Italian sunshine alongside all that citrus - the perfect drink for a warm spell.

Azaline Spritz

Craving the flavour of adventure? Hit up with the luscious Azaline Vermouth which'll bring a burst of red fruit and herbaceous richness to a Spritz. You should pick up notes of saffron, cardamom, coriander, gentian and juniper in this simple but effective Spritz.

Cazcabel Honey Spritz

Never tried tequila in a Spritz before? Oh honey, this is about to rock your world. Using Cazcabel Honey - the world’s first and only Honey Tequila, it adds a wicked dose of sweet nectar to your spritz, with earthy and dry Cazcabel Blanco at its heart.

Le Grand Fizz A La Russe

A bittersweet spritz packed full of zesty citrus notes? Made with Grey Goose vodka, this is a Spritz with a lot of ooh la la.