The World's Biggest Water Fight: What You Need To Know

Songkran aka Thailand's wildest water fight

1) OK, Songkran isn't just a massive 3 day long water fight, but in fact Thai New Year and is celebrated every year from 13th – 15th April.

2) As well as being a wild 3 day water fight, the water has the purpose of washing away the sins from the last year. Win win.

3) You don’t even have to be in Bangkok for this wet t-shirt session, people all over South East Asia get into it. And it doesn’t stop there; head to parts of Eastern Europe over Easter where the tradition of soaking people continues (mostly women – yes lads).

4) It is literally 3 days of water soaked madness. No one is safe on the streets of Thailand, buckets, hoses, super soakers, even elephants are unleashed on anyone and everyone.

5) Be careful. Songkran is fun but also dangerous, every year there are injuries and even fatalities caused by all this mayhem.

For more info... check this website, but we say go find some on Bangkok's best bars. Check it.