5 Strawberry Cocktails To Serve During Wimbledon

Advantage BarChick

Sipping strawberry cocktails while watching Wimbledon? Sounds like a game - set - match made in heaven.

Strawberry Spritz

Not everyone loves a rudely shaped strawb as much as we do, but the team at Black Cow down in Dorset def think they have their advantages. They've taken the wonky, surplus berries, pressed them and infused them into their classic, creamy, award-winning vodka to create Black Cow English Strawberries, AKA strawberries and cream reimagined, baby.


The Championships Martini

This cocktail by Sipsmith Gin brand ambassador Bill Shearer originally featured in a box from the crew at Canvas, AKA the ultimate at-home bar experience we're obsessed with. Canvas and Sipsmith (the official gin of Wimbledon, FYI) teamed up to celebrate the tennis with some lush stawb Martini action. And while ya may have not be able to order the kit any longer, you can attempt to craft your own - this is how we'd make ours.


Cotswolds Summer Cup

A Summer Cup is about as English as tutting at slow walkers, drinking tea in a heatwave and claiming Andy Murray is British rather than Scottish when he wins a Grand Slam. That's why you better make sure you've got plenty of cucumbers, strawberries and mint in your fridge so you're ready to whip up a jug at a moment's notice when Wimbledon is on - otherwise you may just end up on the back foot...


Sip & Served

Get ready to serve up this mixed doubles smasher. It combines Sipsmith Strawberry Smash Gin (which they've made with the official Wimbledon strawberries that didn't have the chance to be eaten last summer), lemon juice and sugar syrup topped with Served Raspberry Hard Seltzer. 


Strawberries & Cream

Wimbledon without strawberries and cream is like a British government without scandal - it just isn't possible. This indulgent number is made using Chase GB Gin - sweet, creamy, and not lactose intolerant-friendly in the slightest.... but oh man, it tastes ace.