5 Ways To Pimp Your Bloody Mary

Because no hangover would be complete without this savage savoury brunch-time companion. Here are some awesome techniques of how to improve this British classic. Big Pimpin'

1. Pick your poison - Vodka is the traditional spirit of choice but why not mix things up by switching to tequila for a Bloody Maria or whiskey for a Bloody Smoke. Go check out what’s left over in your booze cupboard. If you’re particularly well stocked up, make like BarChick and use mezcal; we call it the Bloody Mess…

2. Infuse it - Horseradish, rosemary or chilli infused vodka anyone? How about topping up with a chilli infused sherry if you’re feeling super freaky? Infused booze may not be something you have lying around the house, but if you’re throwing a party with a couple of weeks’ notice, a little bit of prep will go a long way.

3. Seasoning - Can you handle the heat? Obviously you’ll want to pile on the Tabasco but why not experiment with less conventional flavors? We’re talking jerk seasoning for a little taste of the Caribbean, haggis for the Scottish, fish oil for the brave or just some straight up gravy and meat juices for that extra depth.

4. Glassware - These bad boys can be served in pretty much whatever you want – fancy glassware, pint glasses, or a god damn saucepan if you’re THAT hung over. Want to be quirky? Serve it in a food can. As long as it tastes good who really cares?

5. Garnish - Celery has been the go-to option for far too long. These days you can stick anything on top and call it a garnish. We’ve seen olives, mozzarella, king prawns, a slider burger and even an oyster. Go large or go home.

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