Five Ways To Pimp Your Bloody Mary

Because no hangover would be complete without this savage savoury brunch-time companion

Here are some awesome techniques of how to improve this British classic. Big Pimpin'

Pick your poison

Vodka is the traditional spirit of choice but why not mix things up by switching to tequila for a Bloody Maria or whiskey for a Bloody Smoke. Go check out what’s leftover in your booze cupboard. If you’re particularly well stocked up, make like BarChick and use mezcal; we call it the Bloody Mess…

Infuse it

Horseradish, rosemary or chilli infused vodka anyone? How about topping up with a chilli infused sherry if you’re feeling super freaky? Infused booze may not be something you have lying around the house, but if you’re planning a BIG night out with a couple of weeks’ notice, a little bit of prep will go a long way the next morning.


Can you handle the heat? Obviously you’ll want to pile on the Tabasco, but why not experiment with less conventional flavours? We’re talking jerk seasoning for a little taste of the Caribbean, haggis for the Scottish, fish oil for the brave or just some straight up gravy and meat juices for that extra depth.


These bad boys can be served in pretty much whatever you want – fancy glassware, pint glasses, or a god damn saucepan if you’re THAT hungover. Want to be quirky? Serve it in a food can. As long as it tastes good who really cares?


Celery has been the go-to option for far too long. These days you can stick anything on top and call it a garnish. We’ve seen olives, mozzarella, king prawns, a slider burger and even an oyster. Go large or go home.