A Beginner's Guide to Brazil

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world with a population of 200 million, and is home to the Amazon, Iguazu falls, Giselle and Ronaldo.

Without Brazil there would be no samba.

Discover both the largest rodent in the world, the capybara and one of the smallest monkeys, the tamarin as well as the largest Japanese population outside of Japan. Hello great sake and endless sushi.

Want more to love? Churrascarias, the all you can eat meat restaurants cover the country and Carnival is the biggest party on the planet.

If you are in the following places this is what you’ve got to do


Take a trip down the Amazon River in an indigenous canoe and try the speciality piranha soup, frightening but delicious.


Make the effort and get yourself to the national park of Jericoacoara, a chilled surfing village only accessed over sand dunes by beach buggy.



Street food like acarajé is a must; made from black eyed peas and mainly fried, it goes seriously well with a Bud.


Dance the night away here. This city’s Carnival lasts a fortnight - they know how to party!



Hang out in the old town, watch capoeira (martial arts) and eat moquecca (African influenced fish stew.) If you have time and want to let loose go to the island Morro de Sao Paulo and live the beach bum dream.


Let your inner explorer live a little and book a trip to Pantanal. The wetlands are the best place to see wildlife in Brazil, you won't be disappointed.



The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. Built in the shape of an airplane and designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the many museums here keep you cultured.

Belo Horizonte

Boteco hopping is on the cards for you. Belo Horizonte claims to have more bars than any other city in Brazil. It’s also in the food state of Minas Gerais which means more cachaça and more banging Brazilian street food.


Sao Paulo

This metropolis is made up of New York style bars and swanky restaurants. Hang out in the Bohemian area of Vila Madalena, eat sushi in Liberdade and do not miss a night out at the world famous club D’edge.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio needs no introduction, it's often mistaken by Brits as the capital of Brazil and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Marvel at the views from Christo or Pão de Açucar, learn to surf in Ipanema and party it up in Lapa.



Dive into some down time in the botanical gardens and visit Brazil's interpretation of London's Crystal Palace. Then seal the deal with a beer and a burger at Madero.

Porto Alegre

Colonial architecture and a European vibe awaits you. Allow parks and lakesto battle for your admiration.


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