Advent Day 11: WIN with Slingsby Gin

Are you ready to Gin-gle all the way? We sure are, with this epic advent prize from Slingsby.


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Gooseberries…  used for crumble/your mate when they just won’t take the hint that three’s a crowd, right? Wrong - these little fruits are also banging in gin. Introducing Slingsby - aka Spirit of Harrogate. It’s not just moors and tea that those Yorkshire folks have nailed. They also rustle up a pretty tidy premium gin as well.

Get involved and make a Slingsby moment this Christmas. This refreshing serve is light, bright, and the perfect addition to any festive soiree. Cos there’s only so many mince pies and cheese boards you can handle before you need a restorative fix of gin. This Gooseberry Signature Serve combines quality gin with Mediterranean tonic water and crisp green apple. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, now you can win your very own gooseberry gift set and a copper bar set.

It’d be berry sad if you missed this prize so enter now…


50ml Gooseberry Gin

Served on ice with premium Mediterranean tonic water

Garnished with freshly sliced green apple.