Advent Day 15: WIN with Plymouth Gin

Sunday. The day of rest… AS IF. It’s Christmas baby, time to jingle those bells.

 The party doesn’t stop in December - fact. Sleep is for that date-less time between Christmas and New Year.  Need any more reason to party? We’ve partnered up with Plymouth Gin and their epic new cocktails at HotBox  so you can...

WIN a bottle of Plymouth Gin and treat your to some cocktails & snacks at Hotbox on us. .Screw gold, frankincense and myrrh, this is the gift you really wanna give.

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Plymouth Gin have been crafting their seven botanicals since 1793, so you know you’re in safe hands.  As good as it tastes in a G&T, it’s even better in cocktails.  They’ve created a trio of totally banging cocktails for you to get your hands on at HotBox. For anyone yet to be introduced to this BBQ Mecca… prepare for the meat sweats. We're talking killer tacos, softshell crab and cuts of meat like pork ribs, brisket and Tomahawk chop. They’re cooked in a 1-tonne Rotisserie Smoker and are kick ass when paired with these Plymouth Gin cocktails.


Sloe Gin Fizz

 This has Christmas classic all over it. Plymouth Original, Plymouth Sloe, orgeat syrup, egg white, and lemon juice topped with soda. Sloe gin in your cocktail, slow-cooked meat on your plate - your night just levelled up.

Dartmoor Martini

 James Bond is probably too busy jumping off buildings to celebrate Christmas, but if he did we reckon he’d go for this bad boy cocktail. Plymouth Original, Plymouth Sloe, red vermouth and sherry - pow.

Hot Navy Negroni 

Warm up with this toasty twist on a classic. Plymouth Navy Strength, Plymouth Sloe, Campari and red vermouth, all stirred in hot water. Hello sailor.