Advent Day 17: WIN with Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

While everyone is busy dreaming of a white Christmas, we’ve only got eyes for Mr. Black cold brew coffee liqueur.


We get it. You’re on the final stretch of the party season. The December Bender has been real and you’re ready to live in your pyjamas for five days. BUT WAIT. Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur is here to push you through that final festive finish line with its killer caffeine kick.  

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Mr. Black is a cold brew coffee liqueur for lovers of coffee. Made with 100% Arabica coffee from the top growing regions,  think rich intense coffee taste with a boozy finish. None of that sweet stickiness of some coffee liqueurs though. With 10x the coffee but half the sugar of traditional coffee liqueurs, Mr. Black is the real deal. So if ya love coffee, you need this bottle on your shelf.

It's our top choice in an Espresso Martini, and god knows we need 'em over Christmas so whip up this wicked cocktail to perk up you and your crew. 


In a cocktail shaker add:

  • 60ml Mr Black 
  • 30ml fresh espresso
  • Shake over ice

Strain into a cocktail glass 

Let that caffeine kick perk up your party.