Advent Day 23: WIN with Brooklyn Gin

Keep it festively fresh with a Brooklyn Gin Bee’s Knees Cocktail

Hey honey, how you feeling? It’s the day before Christmas Eve and if there was ever need for an advent prize, it’s today. Forget that you haven’t done your gift shopping. Ignore the fact you’ve almost out-partied yourself. This sweet yet citrusy cocktail is gonna bring a ray of sunshine to any winter’s evening. And we’re giving you the chance to WIN a bottle of Brooklyn Gin so you can mix it up for yourself and your crew.

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Brooklyn Gin is the fresh, vibrant and complex spirit that should be on the back bar of any self-respecting gin connoisseur. True to its namesake, it’s crafted in New York. Only 100% fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper is used, giving it that awesome flavour. It’s so damned good it can be sipped neat, but we love to mix it up in this epic Bee’s Knees cocktail. Even better, lemon and honey are practically medicinal, so if you think you might be coming down with a case of the Festive Flu (aka too much partying) then this is your saviour. Amen.

Fun fact - originally it was thought the Bee’s Knees cocktail was invented in Prohibition-era America to mask the taste of cheap gin. However it’s actually been discovered that it was created by a ballin’ American millionairess partying away in Paris. Not just any American socialite though - Mrs Margaret Brown aka the unsinkable Molly Brown. Yep, the one that survived the Titanic. Take a leaf outta her book and rise above any festive fatigue with this banging cocktail - it’s time to refresh yourself with the Brooklyn Gin Bee’s Knees cocktail.



50ml Brooklyn Gin

20ml Lemon Juice

20ml Honey Syrup (use equal parts honey and warm water)

Shake with ice and serve in a rocks glass with a slice of lemon

Stamp that rock of ice with the lid of the Brooklyn Gin bottle ‘cos OH yeah it’s only a bl**dy ice stamp. Genius.

Kick back and bee happy.


Get hold of a bottle of Brooklyn Gin through Amazon or at Asda (currently on sale for £30 YO)