Advent Day 3 - WIN the full collection of Three Spirit

A trio of botanical elixirs to fuel your night with plant power.


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Three is the magic number today and we’re bringing you something weird, wonderful and damn right epic to take your bar shelf to a whole new level. Never had a botanical elixir? Not even sure what it is? Well buckle up baby we’re taking ya on a plant-fueled ride with Three Spirit.  

What do you need to know?  

First up, one of the founders is the OG founder of BarChick. Good start. 

Three Spirit drinks are bringing plants to the party and what’s more, they’ll keep you feeling fresh as f*ck. Booze free, Three Spirit uses botanicals and plants to give you a natural lift rather than bog you down with some of the side effects of booze.  

There are 3 bottles in the collection. Here’s the lowdown: 

The Livener  

Exotic, fiery and fun; the caffeine kick you’re after to get your night going.   

Drink It:  over ice with tonic and grapefruit

Swap it in for: your Espresso Martini pick-me-up 

The Social Elixir  

Dark, bittersweet and curious; it’s almost savoury / malty, rich and weird but in a really good way.  

Drink it:  with fiery ginger beer and lime 

Swap it in for: your  ‘could-drink -all-night-long’ sippers like G&T and Rum & Coke.  

The Nightcap  

Woody, mellow and sexy smooth; if Chamomile tea and bourbon had a love child, sans the booze and laced with a little Nytol vibe. 

Drink it: over a rock of ice and give it a good swirl around your glass  

Swap it in for: your – err – nightcap.  

Not that we’ll make you choose – we’re giving you the chance to win the entire set. It’s the kind of saintly threesome that won’t put you on the naughty list.