Advent Day 5 - WIN with ZEO

ZEO f*cks given

It looks like alcohol. It smells like alcohol. It even somehow tastes like alcohol. But how’s this for a 'Last Christmas' level of plot twist: this beautiful bottle is alcohol-free. Totally sans booze, baby. 

A little bit of history...

Crisp and aromatic with the same warmth as alcohol and a hint of grappa on the nose, you’d never guess Botanical Dry is a non-alcoholic spirit. But surprise is in these guys’ nature.

The crew at ZEO (including BarChick’s mate, AKA world-renowned bartender Simone Caporale) spent three years experimenting with natural botanicals to achieve a liquid that is as close to the real deal as they come. They’ve roped in nine botanicals to their Botanical Dry to create a citrus-forward liquid with the warmth and texture of a traditional spirit. Hell yeah!

So, if you’re off the sauce for Christmas you know what you gotta do. GOOD JOB we’re giving away a cracking ZEO cocktail kit including 1 x bottle of ZEO Botanical Dry, 1 x bottle of ZEO Spiced Oak, 2 x crystal rocks glasses, 1 x jigger and two cases of mixers So, you can make one of these delicious Spiced Apple cocktails (and drive afterwards, fancy that!)

ZEO Spiced Apple

What You’ll Need:

60ml ZEO Botanical Dry
40ml Freshly pressed Granny Smith apple juice (totally worth it and good if you’ve got loads of time on ya hands. If not, fresh apple juice will do)
15ml Organic maple syrup

Mix It Up:

Stir to combine all the ingredients, then fill your glass with ice cubes. The freshly pressed apple juice will create a velvety froth on top of the drink. Sprinkle a little bit of ground cinnamon over the top and add a thin apple slice to garnish.

To win, head to our Instagram where the competition is going down:

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This is a paid partnership with ZEO. T&Cs apply. UK entries only, and you must be over 18 to enter. Entries are taking place over on our Insta – and FYI, this comp is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administrated by Zuckerberg and his crew.