New Menu Alert - Disco Drinks with Artesian

Grab your flares, we're saying (Bell) Bottoms Up with these iconic cocktails

The days of actually getting to shake your booty to disco on a dance floor might be on pause for now, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the fun & frivolity of this awesome era via your glass. Artesian's new menu showcases 12 Disco Drinks, only their reimagining of these iconic cocktails throws in a few curveballs. 

First up - what tf is a Disco Drink? Well, come will us on a trip back in time & we'll tell ya. A journey to the era of bellbottom flares, platform boots, Charlie's Angels and Saturday Night Fever... yeah baby, we're talking the 1970s. During this heady decade, the trend was to indulge in brightly coloured cocktails - the more lurid the better - usually garnished with outrageous tropical adornments. Think Del Boy on a particularly flamboyant day. Then there was the penchant for creamy liqueurs & sleazy names - the Grasshopper & the Slow Screw are both stalwarts of the Disco Drink era. There are some drinks that haven't stood the test of time particularly well (anyone ordered a Pink Squirrel lately?) & then there are some that have made their way into the cocktail history books (Tequila Sunrise, we're lookin' at you). 

So what's the disco dealio with this menu? Well, they've taken some of the most iconic cocktails of the time & given them the kinda twist that is only befitting for an award-winning bar like Artesian.

Let us give you the skinney on some of the dopest drinks on the menu...


When a cocktail is the kinda blue that you'd usually associate with a Bacardi Breezer then you know it was most likely a hit in the 70s. Enter the Blue Hawaii, usually made with rum, vodka and - of course - the Blue Curaçao that gives the drink its er... alluring hue. Artesian have said no thanks to the first two ingredients & instead decided to take this beach party down Mexico way with the inclusion of tequila. What's more, they've blended it all up into the kinda slushy you'd usually get a sugar-OD on during a cinema trip. It looks banging, it can give you brain freeze, and the combo of tequila, Blue Curaçao, melon & pineapple makes it a totally tropical trip for your tastebuds. Just enough zingy lime gives it that citrus backbone it needs to stop it veering into over-sweet-slushy territory. Dangerously drinkable. 


Getting caught in the rain = meh, we'll give it a miss. But the Piña Colada is one drink that's always gonna have us feeling funky. And while it was invented in the 1950s, it was at its most popular in the 70s. Artesian has ramped up the sex appeal with a lil bit of smokiness courtesy of mezcal. Why we've never thought of this epic combo ourselves is a mystery. The exotic flavours of coconut rum & pineapple make this pure sunshine in a glass & mezcal only complements the juiciness with its addictive complexity. There's no cream, so you have a cocktail with more clarity than the usual rich version. What Artesian has done is chucked some pale ale in there too, just to mess with you. The light hoppiness is an inspired addition though & levels the playing field between tropical sweetness & smoky earthiness. Oh, & they've gone for a novelty straw. We'll never look at a Piña Colada the same way again.


The 70s was the decade of drinks as desserts - White Russians, Grasshoppers & Snowballs were all very much enjoyed by the liqueure-loving cool cats of the 70s. Another sugar-laded sip was the Brandy Alexandar. Cognac, creme de cacao & cream are the staples of this classic, & while Artesian hasn't messed with this bit they have added a few curveballs for funsies. Cocchi Rosa & Yellow Chartreuse both bring their slightly herbaceous, aniseed layers to what would otherwise be a seriously sweet indulgence. Is it still a dessert lovers dream? Well, the fact it looks like a creme caramel should answer that. And yes it's as thick, luxurious & silky-smooth as you'd hope for, these two additions weave in herbal notes that keep it from being sickly. 


Technically invented in the early 80s but hey, we're not complaining when a classic gets such a kickass reboot. We've had more Espresso Martini twists than we've had hot dinners but not many of them come close to the OG. However Artesian does a pretty fly job of changing the game. They've opted for vanilla vodka alongside their coffee kick then shaken things up even more with the addition of rum & fig. This last ingredient gives it a juicy, plump, honeyed ripeness to this after-dinner stunner. For those who think they've tried it all - this new espresso expression is one to get groovy with.