BarChick Gets Down and Dirty with Chambord Lover Frank McGivern

BarChick gets deep and meaningful with UK Chambord ambassador Frank McGivern about his favourite bars, his love of Strawberry Daiquiris and how to drink Chambord. How do you like to drink Chambord? I'm a big fan of a Chambord Royale. A half measure of Chambord topped with Champagne or prosecco on my more frugal days. Failing this, I like to get creative and use Chambord in classics such as an Old Fashioned, a Negroni or a good ole Bramble. Picture 32325 Who would play you in a movie? Dream: Viggo Mortensen (circa Lord of the Rings). Reality: Lord Farquaad from Shrek. If you were making drinks for three people, dead or alive, who would they be and what would you make them? 1. Bruce Springsteen. My personal hero and guiding light of men everywhere. I would knock up a Lairds Applejack and Chambord Sour. Lairds, as it is a native New Jersey spirit, and Chambord, to quote someone who recently said "it just makes drinks taste good". 2. Oscar Wilde ... sorry, I had to have one pretentious answer. As a keen reader, fellow Irishman and ridiculous dandy, I feel we would have a lot in common (conversation might be a bit one sided though). As a lover of anything decadent, I would make him a Gl'amour cocktail with Chambord, cognac, egg white, fresh lemon and a hint of rosewater, garnished with a beautiful edible orchid. After a few he might be lying in the gutter, but at least he'll be looking at the stars. 3. My dad Frank McGivern Sr for some Hot Poitíns and a few more of his stories, which I miss every day. What's your guilty pleasure drink? I have a few, but I really love a Strawberry Daiquiri, blended or shaken with fresh fruit muddled in. It was the first cocktail I loved and to this day it makes me smile. What's a cocktail trend you're most excited about? Bars in London are putting more emphasis on customer service, mainly in educating staff that the customer is king and the aim is to give them as great an experience as possible rather than making them the most obscure cocktail. Also, I love a hard-to-find speakeasy as much as the next man, but it's refreshing to see the trend of bringing fun back into bars and the drinks they serve. I see a lot of this at all the LCC venues as well as Callooh Callay. They are making some expertly crafted cocktails but with a huge dose of fun and tongues firmly planted in cheek. It's the end of the world in 24 hours, what would you do? Find a nice secluded spot with my girlfriend Sasha and a four-pack of Guinness ... such a lucky lady. Tell us something we don't know about Chambord... I always try to educate people that Chambord derives its versatile but complex flavours using only 100% natural ingredients. This differentiates us from most liqueurs that cannot say the same. Chambord's recipe takes after a raspberry liqueur made in the Loire Valley in the 1600's and was drank by the then king, Louis XIV. Picture 32318 Tell us about your five favourite bars in the UK... 1. Alchemist, Manchester. Crazy creative drinks with a bit of dry ice thrown in for good measure. 2. LCC Goodge St or Oxford Circus, London. One of London's most fun and raucous bars with the best staff around. 3. Tigerlily, Edinburgh. Where I made my bones as a cocktail bartender and it still does a roaring trade. Very bling and the home of my favourite bartender, Kevin "The Grifter" Griffin. 4. Shoreditch House, London. If they let me in ... an oasis of cool with a few ping pong tables to top off the fun. 5. Satan's Whiskers, London. Their Big Mac cocktail was described by Chambord aficionado Craig Harper as a Rye, Chambord and raspberry extravaganza that will make your heart sing!

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