BarChick’s 2011 Highlights

2011 has been THE year for BarChick

Things really kicked off when the website went live at the end of 2010. With HotBarChick finding her wingman HotBarChicklet in early Feb, and then growing steadily with more writers, livers and experts (cue ProBarChick) it gave BarChick a chance to hit the bar scene head first, trying out the best bars the world had to offer. Check out our highlights of this year...


HotBarChick - The Shop NW10 - 75 Chamberlayne Road, NW10 3ND, London It’s laid back, sometimes nice and sometimes naughty, oh and they have the biggest Bloody Marys around. Plus the Jägermeisters come in baby jam jars, so you can take a load with you for the night.

HotBarChicklet - Powder Keg Diplomacy - 147 St Johns Hill, SW11 1TQ, London It has gotta be Powder Keg Diplomacy – the food's ridiculous and the drinks are amazing (not just the cocktails, but their beer and wine selection is insane). It’s always fully booked and buzzing - thank god it isn’t in central, or very advanced booking would be a must. Not only are the menus flawless, but the interior design is quirky and fun and it has definitely boosted South London’s credibility.

BarChick’s Boss - Gerry’s Club - 52 Dean Street, London, W1D 5BJ It’s a late night stop and my memories are always hazy but I’m pretty sure every time I’ve been here it’s been brilliant. Pro BarChick - Meat Liquor - 76 Welbeck Street, Marylebone, London, W1G 0AY Finally somewhere for BarChick to hangout that's almost as rock ‘n roll as she is. Graffitied walls, killer burgers and great cocktails, wish list sorted.

Hot Intern - The Arts Theatre Club - 50 Frith Street, Soho, London, W1D 4SQ Discovering The Arts Theatre Club where a complete stranger bought me and my friend drinks and introduced us to all his friends. We danced with them all and then... we danced with everyone because there wasn't a single person who wasn't dancing! Went for one drink, stumbled out at half two in the a.m. on the wrong side of right with my ears ringing. Wicked night!

Fresher - Lounge Bohemia - 1 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3EJ This is an ever changing name as the discoveries never stop but my most recent love is Lounge Bohemia. Prohibition style, bookings only yet not selective, menu hidden in the table top books, cute canapés and hot waitresses serving hot cocktails.

New Girl - Barts London - Chelsea Cloisters, London, SW3 3DW I love everything about this place… from its seedy location (renowned haunt for girls of the night) to its joker cocktails - they are incredible! The crowd is always up for a party and more often than not you will catch me sporting a giant pumpkin outfit, oh yes I forgot to mention the dressing up box…this isn’t what I normally wear!


HotBarChick - Jeez it’s a big shout…tequila! Followed with a sangrita, it wakes you up, f*cks you up, and the tomato shot makes you feel like it never happened. Any decent barman can fix you one.

HotBarChicklet - With a nick name of Juniper, it’s clear I’m a fan of cocktails with a gin base BUT this year I've been converted into liking and drinking Tequila, so I’ve found myself skimming menus for that bad boy.

BarChick’s Boss - I like to make like I’m a New York bartender and slam Picklebacks in Quo Vadis…. Or drink Whiskey Sours in fancy dress at Barts

Pro BarChick - Has to be the Manhattan for two at Hawksmoor, consistent favourite two years running!

Hot Intern - Whisky punch at the first BarJack - that sh*t was off the hook yall!

Fresher - Whisky on the rocks if I’m not in the mood, Bloody Mary if it’s the morning after and Gimlet if I have to keep it classic. New Girl - It’s embarrassing and everyone laughs at me, but done well it’s damn good… a Pornstar Martini (but Ssshhhhh).


HotBarChick - I can't remember all of them….but Nashville with Jack Daniels, partying with real vikings in Norway, and finding all the amazing new BarChicks…even a male one – it has been amazing! The office is better than most bars these days.

HotBarChicklet - Playing ping-pong with Jesse Metcalf in a wig after Pacha in Ibiza on a BarChick trip was very VERY surreal.

BarChick’s Boss - Tattooing Wayne Rooney’s brother’s arse with a BarChick tattoo in the VIP area at Glastonbury. Either that or Dancing in David Guetta’s DJ booth with Paris Hilton and Will Smith on a BarChick trip to Miami.

Pro BarChick - Moving from behind the bar to in front of it when I joined BarChick! Drinking Tommy's Margaritas with the drink’s creator Julio Bermejo. Drinking tequila with Kings of Leon backstage after their show.

Hot Intern - Staying up till 5am with HotBarChap, HotBarChick, Ajax and my friend Graham listening to music and finishing off the BarJack after party BarChick style (i.e. once everyone else had given up or passed out!)

Fresher - Finding out my BarChick name was Fresher – dream come true.... New Girl - BarChick’s Boss: “Hot Intern, are you going to the ale tasting tonight?” Me: “What?!! You’re going an*l tinting tonight??!!”


Sacred Gin - Made in Ian and Hilary's kitchen in Highgate, it is quietly gaining cult status in all of London's most exciting bars. The gin is an aromatic, modern tribute to the traditional London Dry Gins, and man does it make a mean martini.

Konik's Tail Vodka - A local vodka that's all about flavour and "terroir", one of the new artisan-made brands that are helping to make vodka cool again. It's so good that BarChick drinks it on the rocks.

Ocho 8 Tequila - Small batch crafted, bearing its vintage like a fine wine. 100% natural, citrusy and earthy, you should sip this stuff it’s so good, that's if you can restrain yourself.

Billecart-Salmon Champagne - Family owned, small production and delicious. Love it!

Compass Box Whisky - Made in Chiswick with love. Drink the Spice Tree neat for cockle warming. Belvedere - Their new Bloody Mary flavour takes the hard work out of our favourite hangover cure.

Jack Daniels - Not just because they flew BarChick to Tennessee (honestly), it's good drinking too, it makes you wanna party like BarChick did with those cowboys in Nashville.

Kammerling's - A spirit like none other, ginseng based, our new favourite cocktail ingredient. It sounds kinda healthy too.

Vestal Vodka - With a frontman like Willy how can you not love it, the sexy juice (aka Amber Liqueur) is our drink of 2011.

Rare Tea Co - Their teas are handpicked with love, and thanks to their antioxidants BarChick has been hangover free for months!