BarChick's 2012 Highlights

WELL… what a year twenty twelve has been for the BarChick Massive. Not only have we hit hundreds of new bars, have had new BarChicks joining the crew, had record breaking hits and launched a slicker sexier new site (….watch out for 2013’s super app!), but we’re also writing for even more big dog publications such as EasyJet Traveller Mag,, View London, Elle, Maxim etc, so you shouldn't miss us! Plus we now have over 30 city guides on the site meaning BarChick’s taking over the world one step at a time just like we planned...! Who knows where we’ll be this time next year (probably working from our super yacht).

A year as a BarChick has many hangovers and highlights, so we thought we would give you a run down on why we thought this year ROCKED.


HotBarChicklet – Has to be Hidden in Ibiza, outside garden tables, centre bar, giant board games, good music, amazing cocktails (and some cottage pie to sort all hangovers) PLUS a load of animals (love the dreadlock dog and the three legged cat!!).

ProBarChick - Shady Pines, Sydney. Like a cowboy bar/underground rock den down a quiet lane. Think peanut shells on the floor and delicious Whisky cocktails. Yeehaw.

BarChicksBoss - The Gilbert Scott – kickass cocktails in really really beautiful surroundings

Louise - Duck and Waffle. Open 24 hours a day and with killer views of London.

Suzie – Evans and Peel, who doesn’t love a bit of role play?

Henry – Cafe Brecht, Amsterdam (They make a mean Aperol Spritz)

Gabriella - House of Wolf

HotBarChick - Qui Qui Ri Qui. A mescal bar round the corner from my house, hidden below a kebab shop and run by nutters.

Hannah - Il Rusteghi, Venice. You stroll in, the guy looks you up & down and shimmies off to select a fierce glass of wine for you. Yes, you feel judged.. but it feels good.

Emma - PDT in New York for an night of escapism


HotBarChicklet – Heading to Ibiza with guys from CASK and Gin Mare for the Mediterranean Inspirations Competition... infinity pools, some serious G&Ts and some damn good parties… plus momentous hangovers, all in the sunshine.

ProBarChick – BarChicking in Sydney with my bartender bro, more exciting small bars than you can shake a stick at.

BarChicksBoss - Building a team of amazing international BarChicks

HotBarChick - errr Making cocktails in the desert at Burning Man!

Louise - Going to New Zealand with 42BELOW... probably the most insane/memorable trip that I've ever been on. Meeting amazing people, bungee jumping, chopper rides, being on the other side of the world, boozing, seeing some wicked bars and coming back having done it all.

Suzie - Trying 80 different types of sweet liqueur, who wouldn’t want to get a new liver this way?

Henry – Becoming part of the BarChick gang

Gabriella - Buffalo Trace pop-up party… too many pickle backs!

Hannah - Becoming a BarChick, naturally, and The Spirits Business Awards lunch - The Alan Lodge Young Writer of the Year Award is pretty epic and I am one proud sister.

Emma - My first BarChick Christmas party.....ouch!


HotBarChicklet – All about the Manhattans and Negronis this year, my taste buds have definitely matured.

ProBarChick - Whisky! I drink cocktails for work, Whisky for pleasure.

BarChicksBoss - A Sweet Manhatten made by Luca Missaglia (Quo Vadis) and his magic cherry infused rye.

Louise - The David Bellamy at The Apothecary Bar. It changes flavour with the garnish and wins the best name ever.

Suzie – I’ve moved on from a Porn Star (Martini) to a Pisco Sour.

Henry - The Crystal Head cocktail at BarChick's Quo Party was pretty special.. Other than that it's a Gin & Tonic or a Lager top.. nothing too fancy.

Gabriella : Bourbon Old Fashioned

Hannah - Quo Vadis' Espresso Martini. Smooth and strong with a shot of the good stuff (and for once I am not talking tequila). The ultimate pick-me-up.

HotBarChick - Mescal baby

Emma - The Aviator - an oldie but a goodie


HotBarChicklet – The launch of our new bad boy super app.

ProBarChick - The openings of Balthazaar and ShakeShack. Two of my favourite NYC destinations are about to open in London, it's like a burger-filled dream come true!

BarChicksBoss - Going global, and the new super mega app.

Louise - Going up the Shard.

Suzie - Conquering the world with the BarChick clan.

Henry - Helping BarChick take over the Worrrld!

Gabriella - More city guides - more reasons to travel

Hannah - World Wide Web domination, BarChick style.

HotBarChick - Finding more kick ass BarChicks, our new super app, and opening an office in Asia!

Emma - The next BarChick party!