The Hotlist: 8 Things We've Been Loving This Month



We're gassed about our SodaStream


Still water is wicked, but it doesn't make for an epic spritz'd up cocktail - and we've been able to drink loads of them this month thanks to our new classic SodaStream Spirit. Rather than wasting cash on single-use plastic bottles of fizzy water, we've gassed up our tap water and topped up a few of our fave pre-batched cocktails, like the Gin & Bear It from Ladies & Gents bar which makes a refreshing Collins, and the TAILS Cocktails quintessentially British Garden Cocktail made with gin and St Germain elderflower liqueur which tastes like Summer in a glass. 

Let's get fizzical.

Get sparkling water on the reg with your own SodaStream here.

Freshening things up with an Italicus Spritz 


We've been kicking back with an Italicus Spritz, shouting 'Ciao!' across the fence at our neighbours and pretending we're somewhere along the Amalfi coast.  This is the real taste of Italy - fresh bergamot, citrus fruits, the sweetness of rose.  It's every bartender's worst kept secret ingredient and we like ours in a bubbly, light Italicus Spritz with fat juicy olives and fresh Sicilian lemons. 

  • 60 ml ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto
  • 60 ml Prosecco or Champagne
  • 30 ml Soda

Build over ice cubes in a large wine glass.  Garnish with three green olives.  Lemon twist optional

Grab some on Prime.

Hydrating in style with DASH water

Wear sunscreen. Drink water. Don't talk to strangers (unless they're very, very good looking). 

Tap water doesn't seem to cut it so we're keeping ourselves topped up with these delicious little cans.  Raspberry if you're asking.  They look cute and make keeping hydrated that bit easier.  Made from 'wonky' fruit and sparkling water there's no waste, no calories, no sugar and no hangover (unless you're drinking them alongside that Mezcal Negroni, mind). 

30% off your first order too. Legends. 

Experimenting with Shochu

Ever had the Japanese distilled spirit shochu before? Now's the time! We've been enjoying ours all the way from the Far East... of Scotland. The BrewDog crew have dipped their toes into making this awesome Asian beverage and we're loving the results. Inugami Shochu is fresh, delicate and crisp & is banging in a 'Chu-Hai' - which is basically a Highball. Fizzy water, a slice of ginger, & you're good to go. Oh, it's also low ABV and super low sugar. 

Order your bottle of Inugami Shochu here

Our new favourite booze-free bottle: Pentire

We get excited when an awesome non-alc option washes our way. Pentire was released end of last year, and it's our current go-to bottle when we wanna stay sober. Here's some facts: a) it's Cornish through & through, using plantlife found round the headlands b) it's free from added sugar, artificial colours & artificial flavourings c) the guy who created it is an ex surf instructor. Doesn't get much fresher than that. For a herbacious kick we've been adding rosemary to a Pentire & Tonic, or lemon peel gives it a zesty lift. We highly recommend you get involved. 

Grab a lil piece of coastal living via a bottle of Pentire here

Wearing tequila on our toes 


Some statement clothes we can get on board with, the statement being: we love tequila. Out to the park, down the shops - if we've left the house, we've been wearing these mega comfy espadrilles from Soludos embroidered with our one true agave love! Does footwear get better? We don't think so. 

You can get your own pair from here. We also have our eyes on these... and these.

Enjoying these epic sparkling wines

Looking for summer in a bottle? The Sharpham Sparkling Pink from Devon should do it. Fresh strawberry vibes on the palate and the nose - pairing very well with an afternoon in the garden sat 2 meters away from your mates.

And we were all over the Bitches Brew from the gang at Rebellious Goods which tastes like it was literally made for day-drinking. This smashable little biodynamic wine is grown, fermented and bottled in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, & much like the Jerry sense of humour, it's dry and crisp. 

For a taste of South Devon vino, hit up the Sharpham Wine collection here, and if you're feeling impatient, Rebellious Goods offer a 1 hour (ish) delivery for London of their beers, wines, spirits and cocktails, and next day delivery for the rest of the UK.

For more stellar wine deliveries, check out our faves over here.