BarChick's Recap on In The Woods Festival

In a mystery location every year, In The Woods Festival draws a crowd of ravers, hipsters and chilled families alike, all flocking to the forest to be entertained and amazed. Here's why BarChick says you can't miss the next one:

1. When it comes to chilling in a secluded, secret forest full of booze, food and amazing independent live music, these guys have got it down. Standing among ribbon-wrapped trees under a thousand fairy lights is perfect for a few out of the city away days.


2. The chilled vibes oozing from this festival are enough to make the most uptight ticketholder lay back, take a long hard stare at the stars and grab a beer. No aggro and minimal fuss, everyone's happy and loving it.

3. Art installations are all over the place here, from the weird and quirky to the cute and uplifting. There are heaps of strange papier-mache characters grinning from the trees and a post office for festival goers to leave inspiring, and a few less inspiring notes to stir passers-by.


4. Silence is golden, and from the looks of the Silent Disco on both Friday and Saturday night, ravers jumping around a tent wearing headphones and clutching bottles of beer were loving a bit of 'quiet' time. The Silent Cinema drew in the numbers too for those more interested in sitting back on a hay bale and catching a movie.

5. The two stages are jam-packed full of independent, little known acts that capture their audience from afternoon to night. Some folky and indie musicians dominate the daytime but Saturday evening's mystery headliner was hardcore DJ late night goodness.


6. Just because you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere doesn't mean you should be subjected to less than amazing drinks. The bar is stocked full of local craft ales, ciders, spirits, wines and even an impressive selection of cocktails.

7. Hours can be lost in the daytime at the Craft Tent (which moonlights as the silent disco) with countless hungover girls and guys having some down time. BarChick put in some serious effort making a floral crown, whilst others were making themselves fur tails, stick men and even indulging in a little life drawing. Perfect prep for the inevitable all-day drinking.


8. Festival food is always important for lining stomachs and getting rid of those hangovers. The tent with standard burgers and sausages won't disappoint, but the real foodie showstoppers were the cauldrons of curry and daal and the two hogs roasting on a spit. Absolutely worth queueing for.

9. A big ol' bonfire lit with giant dynamite was always going to draw a big crowd. Perfect for a midnight break, a hot dog and another pint before leaping back into the silent disco of 90s classics.


10. This festival is not just about the music. There's so much entertainment around the forest that it's impossible to get bored. There's a spoken word and poetry area, if that's your bag. If not pull up a hay bale at the Record Store and spin some vinyls, or get involved in some of the theatre that's going on around the woods. As well as a sports day that involved beer pong, the bar tent was perfect for a little people watching.

In The Woods Festival is all around forest fun.