BarChick's Cocktail Classes: Coming Soon

Ever wanted to be able to knock up a Negroni at home after a hard day’s work, or impress your mates at a party with a killer punch? Or perhaps you fancy yourself as more of a suave shaker a la Tom Cruise in Cocktail? Well BarChick has got your back. We’ve teamed up with some of the best bars in London and the hottest bartenders in town to hold some kick ass cocktail classes to sort you out with the knowledge and skills you need.

We’re not talking about boring history lessons or slide shows, we’re switching things up. Think Mad Men Old Fashioneds, James Bond Martinis, Pirates of the Caribbean Rum Punches, hangover cures and some Mexican mayhem, we’ve thought of them all. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to head back to school!

NB. Homework will be provided.