BarChick's Top 5 Mojitos

The Mojito. Statistically the UK’s most popular cocktail. Simple to make, but easy to get wrong. Very wrong; too much lime, too much sugar, not enough rum and watered down with wilted mint. We say find a decent classic, or mix it up a bit, go wild and do it BarChick style with a twist. Whilst you’re at it why not learn how to make the perfect one at home?

Ridley Road Market Bar

By day this place is laid back, with people popping in for coffee, fresh juice and cans of Red Stripe, but by night it turns into a disco-dancing, tiki, hot house. Soon the glitter ball will be spinning and the fake parrot flapping. These guys take full advantage of their neighbours; Ridley Road Market provides this bar with a treasure chest of fresh and seasonal ingredients. Their Ginger Mojito is killer; you’ll never want to go back to the original after this spicy version.

49 Ridley Road, London, E8 2NP

Portobello Star

This Notting Hill institute is mega, and more often than not it’s kicking off. It’s all about the gin in here; they make their own and ‘ginterns’ can come and get geeky with the stuff and concoct their own batch too. Bar wizard Jake Burger is the man behind it, and when it comes to the Mojito he’s all over it – only with a twist. Order The Blighty Mojito and you’ll find that the rum and soda has been swapped for Portobello Road Gin and tonic, as well as sugar syrup, lime, mint leaves and cucumber. It’s a damn good twist on the classic.

171 Portobello Road, London, W11 2DY


Step into this charming Greek restaurant in Notting Hill and you will feel like you have just touched down on a Greek island, with its white washed walls, outside terrace and beachy feel. These guys have taken traditional Greek food and given it a sexy twist. In their Mastiha Mojito the rum has been replaced with Mastiha – a Greek liqueur made with ‘mastic’, a type of tree sap native to the Mediterranean region. The liqueur has an earthy, floral flavour and mixed with the refreshing mint and soda it is just wow.

12 – 14 Hillgate Street, London, W8 7SR

The Shed

This is a very special little place, and will win over any date as soon as they take a pew at the bar fashioned out of a roof with a tractor bonnet hanging above it (the country chicks anyway). It’s no secret that The Shed is big into its foraging and the menu is seasonal, fresh and delicious because of it. Their Medow Sweet & Gooseberry Mojito is countryside in a glass with gooseberries, medow sweet pickle, brown sugar, Chase Gin and soda - so good you'll be drinking them all night.

122 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W8 4RT


If you walk into the Chelsea Cloisters looking for a good time, Barts will give it to you. Every night is party night in here if you can charm your way through the guarded door. Cocktails are king, the music is always good and provokes an impromptu sing song and the fancy dress box is always scattered about by closing time. Their Mojito made with Pampero Blanco Rum is spot on if this is your drink of choice.

Chelsea Cloisters, Sloane Street, London, SW3 3DW