Behind This Wall Pop Up

For five weeks and five weeks only, Behind This Wall will be opening a super special cocktail and oyster bar pop-up in F. Cooke’s sweet, sweet pie & eel shop. If you find yourself in the heart of London’s Broadway Market then this place is not to be missed.

Their mixologists have knocked up five delicious drinks each with the combination of traditional flavours and exciting new ingredients. We’re going for the Collins when they open, with Absolut Wild Tea Vodka, pear puree, rhubarb bitters, sours and soda, followed by some pimping Picklebacks. Good work team.

Tuck into oysters, (1/2 dozen for £12, dozen for £20) or hit their happy hour from 7pm-8pm for £1 oysters and cheap drinks – an absolute steal.

Wait, it actually gets better, if there isn’t a guest DJ and you fancy yourself on the deck (there’s only one), then bring down some records and if they like the cut of your jib, you're on.

This is one residency you won’t wanna miss. See you down there.

9 Broadway Market, E8 4PH