Belvedere Tardis

BarChick loves to learn new things… and where better than on a big night out at the Belvedere Tardis in the Worship Street Whistling Shop. Time traveling and brushing up on her history of vodka knowledge is an absolute must, for any cocktail lover.

The whole experience takes roughly 2 hours and if you know what we’re talking about when we say “flux capacitor”, then you’re gonna love this. Sitting in a back room of the Worship Street Whistling Shop you and your mates will be taken through time, guided entertainingly (we're talking outfits, attitudes and accents) by one of the Worship Street staff. Not wanting to give too much away this is a brief outline of what went down on our Belvedere vodka soaked ride!

• Starting off in the 1980’s we had Cosmopolitans, prawn cocktails and came over all Studio 54. Dress disco.

• 1405 greeted us with fur rugs. We learnt about how vodka was born and had a go at making our own lethal concoctions.

• 1920’s Prohibition Swing era taught us about how vodka was the best partner in crime: easy to disguise, strong and delicious!

• The 1950’s saw James Bond encouraging the explosion of vodka and Martinis in Casino Royal. Slick.

• 1600’s was all about decadence and dollar.

• Present - all about the Belvedere baby!

• The future - You’ll just have to book yourself into the experience… bring on the future, vodka is going to be wild and unlike anything we've had before.

6 cocktails. 6 courses. £75 per person. max 8 people.