2015's Boozy Advent Calendars

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without chocolate Advent Calendar  BARCHICK’S ADVENT CALENDAR (watch this space). With loads of awesome boozy prizes each day and with absolutely no cost… Christmas is coming early this year. For those of you that can’t stand loosing, and want a guaranteed daily booze fix, then don’t sweat it. Here are this year’s alternative boozy Advent Calendars, and we’re massive fans. Say no to stale chocolates and yes to killer drams of booze by splashing out on one of these bad boys: We're saying yes to an ADULT Advent, splash out on one of these bad boys: Best of British Beer Advent Calendar - £95 This 105cm high tree-shaped cardboard beauty is perfect for any beer lover. Not only is each day filled with a bottle of beer, but there is also a serving suggestion AND a festive quiz with each one. Don’t expect to find any Special Brew in here, each beer is from independent producers from around the UK, and what’s even more exciting is the bottle you get on Christmas Day is a bottle of award winning Champagne style beer called “Ding Dong”… jackpot! ADVENT.BEER   Master of Malt - Pick your Poison: Master of Malt know the drill and then some. Every year these guys round up the finest booze behind 24 different doors, taking you on the ultimate tasting session. Each collection is made up from some of the world’s finest distilleries, so whether you’re a connoisseur, or still trying to find your feet, this is definitely money well spent. After the success of last couple year’s of covering the usual categories (whisky, rum, gin vodka, etc calendars -all BarChick approved), they’ve gone and loads more calendars to the list and we can’t wait. They’ve got top dogs, new comers and boutique brands all combined. Happy Sipping!   The Whisky Advent Calendar - £149.95 Whisky.Standard.Red The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar - £279.95 The Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar - £999.95    The Bourbon Advent Calendar  - £139.95 Bourbon.Craft The Armagnac Calendar  - £149.95 The Ginvent Calendar - £114.95 The Botanical Ginvent Calendar  - £124.95 Botanical.Ginvent The Rum Advent Calendar - £149.95 The Cognac Advent Calendar - £149.95 The Mezcal Advent Calendar - £149.95 Mezcal.Craft The Tequila Advent Calendar - £149.95 The Absinthe Advent Calendar - £134.95 The Vodka Advent Calendar - £99.95 Vodka.Craft The Naga Chilli Vodka Escalation Advent Calendar - £99.95 So this one is for all the heat junkies on your list. Masters of Malt have teamed up with the Hot Enough Vodka Company to create 24 days of increasing hotness. It even comes with a warning label.