Martini lovers, this is the menu for you!

There's a year-long botanical martini collab going down at Sketch and they're almost as killer as the room's they were inspired by...


The rooms at sketch are probs the most insta-famous in London. If you don't snap a selfie while you're in the bogs, were you even there? From the bubblegum pink Wes Anderson vibes of The Gallery to the colourfully mystical woodland mood of The Glade, it's got the full wow factor from front to back. But you don't just head to sketch for interior design inspo (though if you plan on installing an egg-shaped loo in your gaff, we want an invite), the food and drinks served here are pretty killer, and it's the cocktails that have really got our attention this time. 

The sketch crew have got up close and personal with The Botanist Gin to create four different martinis to rep their four different bars. It's a  year-long martini collab, and they've taken experimentation to a whole other level after spending a day at Crucible; a creative hub and laboratory for bartenders to get freaky with ingredients. They went ham on the seasonal, foraged flavours & ingredients to get properly reinventive with the classic martini. 

"We wanted The Botanist Gin to shine and accentuate one aspect of the multitude of botanicals per serve inspired by the different atmospheres and décor in each bar. Each bar came up with its own very distinct Martini serve using different techniques and distinct botanicals and other ingredients." 

- Pepijn Vanden Abeele, Bars Director at sketch 

They really went to town on making sure these four unique martinis are like nothing you've tried before.  They all show a different aspect of The Botanist while staying true to the vibe of the bar they are served. They're pretty bloody stunning, too.

The Glade Martini: Forest

- 75ml The Botanist Gin
- Bitter made with: Oak moss, chamomile, linden blossom, wood sage, heather, grains of paradise, mugwort, Sichuan pepper, nettle
- Aromatic spray made with: Soil, hogweed peat, douglas fir, The Botanist re-distilled
- Garnish: served on a moss bed with a lemon twist

Did you raise your eyebrows at the sensory spray made of soil, peat and fern? Yeah, we get that. Sounds like the kinda sh*t you might make in a moment of desperation on a camping holiday, but it's actually f*cking genius. It's deep and herbaceous, kinda woody but also kinda gentle. Unusual and delicious. Take a punt on this one, it's a good'n.

East Bar Martini: Orchard

- 75ml The Botanist Gin
- Bitter made with : Apple mint, horseradish, Sichuan pepper, The Botanist re-distilled
- Garnish: apple mint

This one has a bit of a spice to it, like a proper punch to the tip of the tongue. Pow! But it's not a heady number. The heat cools pretty sharpish and it becomes refreshing. It's a rollercoaster kinda experience with every sip to keep you on your toes. 

Gallery Martini: Seaside

- 75ml The Botanist Gin
- Bitter made with: A blend of seaweed, galangal, Timut pepper, The Botanist re-distilled
- Garnish: Pickled shallot
- Served with pickled purple and yellow cauliflower, carrot with dill, seaweed, black pepper, red wine vinegar

This martini belongs to probably the most photographed room in the building. It's floor to ceiling pink and wall to wall trippy art, so this Gallery martini HAD to be a bit more extra than the others. The seaweed gives it a fresh savoury wash but that pickled shallot resting at the edge gives it its zing. As the only martini from the squad that comes with a side piece - a bowl of sweet, pickled vegetables - it certainly takes it to the levels of the room. Take a bite, then a sip. It's the bomb. 

Parlour Martini: Herb Garden

- 75ml The Botanist Gin
- Tincture made with: Mugwort, pink grapefruit, hogweed, rhubarb, Sichuan pepper, The Botanist re-distilled
- Bitter made with: Artemisia, peat, lemon balm, seaweed, neutral spirit
- Garnish: lemon thyme twig

If you like your martinis a little sweeter, this final one is yours. It's got a fruit & citrus vibe; kinda funky but not too overbearing, like a BeeGee on a low volume.  It's the creamiest of the lot so a good gateway to the martini if you're a novice. 

For BarChick, it was a close call for her fave but the pickled side-snacks might have helped the Seaside edge it. As you have a year to check out these special edition serves, we reckon it's a wise move to come back and enjoy a room at a time if you wanna check them all out. As writer Dorothy Parker put it; "I like to have a martini, two at the very most --After three I'm under the table, After four, I'm under my host." Maybe best to avoid that... unless you wanna make your martinis a little dirty, that is.