Cantina de Cuervo at Callooh Callay

Tequila slushies? We're serious! Dust off your sombreros people and get yourselves down to Callooh Callay's Jub Jub bar for their six week Mexican pop-up filled with street food, luchadores and did we mention tequila slushies?

Secret members' club no more, the Jub Jub bar has been reincarnated as an authentic Mexican cantina, with Jose Cuervo tequila cocktails, Cinqo de Mayo parties and all sorts of crazy Mexican fun. There's a different menu and theme each week, with special guests like Mr Tequila himself, Tomas Estes, Mariachi bands, sugar skulls and... you get the idea. See their website for the schedule of events. It's our new favourite bar.

9th April - 18th May