An Awesome New Molecular Cocktail Chemistry Lesson: MadLab

Grab your lab coat, you've pulled.

Been lumbered with a Hen / Birthday / Team night out to plan? Madison have got your back.  MadLab is BarChick's kinda cocktail lesson... smoke, bubbles, infusions, foam, the works.  Learn the craziest tricks in the cocktail book to pimp up your classics, and best of all you get to drink them afterwards.   Imagine your Espresso Martini topped with an Amaretto foam, or carbonating your Cosmo. This'll get even Janice from accounts in the party mood.

It all takes place in a private little bar on the terrace so grab a crew (between 8 - 12 people) and geek out. We gave it a go, all in the name of of research...

[video width="848" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

To book email or check out their site