Cocktails In The City Summer Edition Is What Your Weekend Needs

The cocktail gods have spoken, and decreed that you’ll be granted the power to head to such lustworthy London bars as Nightjar, Mr Fogg’s, Little Bat and Laki Lane – without any tedious trekking in between. How, we hear you gasp? Through the power of Cocktails In The City, that’s how.

For anyone not familiar with the concept – prepare to have your tiny minds blown. This highlight in the summer cocktail calendar brings together a total of 25 bars, touting some bloody brilliant serves, in the midst of sun-soaked Bedford Square Gardens. Over one weekend. Getting merry in the sun just got a whole lot easier, so here are some tips for making the most of Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th August – aka Cocktails in the City.

Get your ticket:

For £20, you get access to all these banging bars as well as a cocktail of your choice. Avoid the shame/heart-wrenching sorrow of being denied entry and grab yours here.

Select your spirit

Not only have 25 bars gathered for the purpose of getting you slightly sauced, but each one’s partnered with a killer booze brand to create a signature serve that will blow your socks off. The idea is to be crowned ‘best bar’ – a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? It also means you can get loose with your liqueur choices. Think you don’t like whisky? See what new bar-on-the-block Savage Garden is whipping up with Laphroaig – we bet it’ll change your mind. Having an on-going love affair with tequila? Go weak at the knees at Ella Canta’s stand.

Head East to West in one swoop:

When else are you going to be able to hit up Shoreditch hotspot TT Liquor, quickly followed by Rock & Rose in Richmond? Even with the world’s best Uber driver you’d be rolling your eyes and considering an early night rather than the faff of travel. Well, postcode prejudice be damned – make the most of being within cartwheel distance of bars that are usually separated by the perils of geography, and explore a new bar that’s not in your ends.

New Tasting Rooms Journey hosted by

Cocktails in the City’s partner - and BarChick’s favourite one-stop-online-booze shop - will be hosting The Tasting Rooms, an immersive tasting pop-up offering ‘a sensory journey through flavour, texture and aroma’. Let’s face it, anything with ‘sensory’ in the description sounds pretty damn erotic. We like the sound of being ‘immersed in flavours’ – it sounds like a spa treatment but with booze instead of holistic oils.  Taste your way through awesome bottles you might not have got your paws on yet and learn from the pros as they fill you in on new products that should be on your radar (or booze shelf).

Get a taste of the tropics with this new tiki haven:

You’ve rolled up with the crew and they’re looking at you for expertise, show your cocktail credentials by leading everyone to Laki Kane. This brand new bar is nailing the tropical feels – their rum drinks are the bomb, you’ll have ticked a shiny new spot off your list, everyone thinks you’re a cocktail messiah.

Want more convincing? Read our review of Laki Kane here.

Join the gin party

This year, there are a total of six gins showcasing their wares – we’re sold. German Gymnasium have partnered with Boxer Gin; Fords Gin will be seducing you with the allure of the Orient via slinky sips from Opium Dim Sum & Cocktail Parlour; Little Bat will be handing out their own dose of Mother’s Ruin in the form of cocktails that includes a hefty slug of Four Pillars Gin. Buckle up, the ride’s about to begin. Because how else will your friends know you love them, unless you send a gin-fuelled text at 2am?

Line that stomach:

We’ve all made that basic mistake – neck the cocktails, soak up the sun, completely forget a little thing called food. Fast forward to 6am the next morning and you’re splayed full-dressed on your bed, keys in the fridge, sense of lingering shame as strong as the bourbon on your breath. NOT THIS TIME, BABY. Sink your face into a sexy slice from Lost Boys Pizza, scarf down gyoza from Rainbo, or feel the hotdog love from Rock A Dolla. Literally no excuse to get steaming, but you can instead enjoy ALL the drinks they’re dishing out. Nice work you pro.


Dates: Friday 3rd - Saturday 4th August 2018

Times: Friday, 5-10pm, Saturday, 12-5pm/5:30-10pm

Tickets: £20pp (includes welcome cocktail)

Location: Bedford Square Gardens, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3HH