Mile High: Destination Andalucía

After the success of last year's series of destination pop ups, Mile High is back in business and this time with their most exciting destination yet: Andalucía.

Inspired by the golden age of air travel, Mile High aims to transport you around the world and bring you the best of any weekend trip: booze, food and a few surprises thrown in - all without having to pack a suitcase.

If you managed to catch a flight to one of their destinations last year you might recognise a few familiar faces (but don't worry, the booze-swigging Captain has just come out of rehab), and know your way around the departure lounge, but you'll have to wait and see  what the rest of the night will have in store. One thing's for sure, you can expect some mega gourmet bar snacks, salty jamón and a whole lotta Alhambra Reserva beer. Olé!



Destination: Andalucía runs between 30th July - 9th August 2014

Held at a secret location // £65 per person

Info and tickets