Discount Suit Company turned 5 & celebrated with a new cocktail menu

The gift of a killer new cocktail menu at this epic East London basement joint


We all expect to receive gifts on our birthday, right? Well Aldgate's cosy nook of a speakeasy, Discount Suit Company, have spun tradition on its head with a plot twist bigger than the 2016 presidential election results. It's bold, but ultimately a lot more pleasant. To mark their 5th birthday, they've turned the tables and given us an epic gift in the form of a shiny new cocktail menu. And we are 100% on board with this.

Excited to check it out, we ducked into the Petticoat Lane basement and made ourselves comfortable. By 7pm it was already rammed, which is pretty par for the course any day of the week. On a bitterly cold night, the lure of the warm, cosy dark corners of this bijou late-night bar is too much to resist. It's not hard to see why this place has such a kickass fanbase. 

Candlelight and filament light bulbs help you navigate the short but creative new menu, which offers twists and spins on classics.  A Kick in The Head might not sound like an attractive proposition, but trust us, you're in need of one; Gin, Italicus, Cocchi Americano, velvet falernum, citrus and Umbrella Brewing Sparkling cider are mixed and served long. It's been inspired by the Silver Fizz with hints of spice and a splash of cider for depth. You can nurse this one for a while, so meanwhile, your pal can crack on with a few of the shorter serves.

Fans of a Pisco Punch should order the mix of pisco, white port, coconut, jasmine and vitamin C concoction which forms the Wooly Back. It's sharper than a comedians tongue at a comedy roast, and will definitely have yours tickled. Meanwhile the Bananarama, made with dark rum, amontillado sherry, Banana du Brazil, honey and cardamom bitters is sweet and creamy, but don't be fooled - it's a beast with a punch. 

BarChicks fave? It's tricky, but gun to our head, it's probably the Deal or No Deal, which, unlike the question currently plaguing society, we couldn't find a down-side to. After all, there really are only positives to a mix of Irish Whiskey, Cognac, Apricot, Madeira, Orgeat & Jerry Thomas Bitters, and they manifest themselves in deep, fruity flavours. End it by snacking on that sweet Luxado cherry. It really pops.

If you're lucky, you'll have Ollie looking after you. This GM is a straight up Swedish hottie bringing you slamming cocktails and serving up charm and banter. And speaking of tasty snacks, they have a decent mini menu of food to keep hunger at bay; a big bowl of paprika sprinkled hummus (no small portions here, you can really go to town loading up the crunchy breadsticks with a hefty scoop), roasted nuts and big, green shiny olives. And then there is the cheese board, complete with oatcakes, chutney and enough Neals Yard cheese to be shared between 4. But we recommend you be more BarChick and keep it for two of you.