Do's and Don'ts in Rio

Do get a yellow cab at the airport. They run on a meter and are much cheaper than the pre-paid blue ones.

Do drink juice and fresh coconut water, its everywhere in Brazil.

Do get the metro it’s quick, easy and inexpensive.

Do visit Rocinha, the biggest favela in Brazil with multi coloured houses and winding streets, it’s pretty spectacular.

Do avoid overheating on the beach by renting a chair and umbrella.

Do go to one of the many churrascaria (BBQs), we love porcao!

Do learn some Portuguese, it will be useful.

Do sit down at the restaurant in the supermarket Zona Sul and sample one of the best pizzas in Rio.

Do make time to visit Ilha Grande, a small island a couple of hours from Rio city.

Don’t hitch a ride in the white 'combi' vans. They have been removed from most of Rio but still operate in certain areas and can often be dangerous.

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