Stock Your Christmas Drinks Cabinet

Goodbye canned G&Ts and hello killer cocktails in ya living room.  Stock the freezer up with ice and let’s get this party started.

This year's hottest bottles


Italian drinks still reigned supreme in 2017 so when the godfather of Italian drinking, Giuseppe Gallo, brought out a fresh as hell Italian bergamot spirit only good things were going to happen. Like winning Best New Spirit of The Year.  Natch.  The beautiful bottle alone is worth a spot on your top shelf and once you've had a whiff on citrus and seen what those notes of lavender, rose and bitter spice do to a glass of bubbles you'll be hooked. Chuck in 3 olives, 'cos if you're going to do Italian you've got to do it properly.

Silent Pool Gin

So there may be approx. 1 million gins to choose from but we're fussy and only drink the best stuff so we say stick local with this delicious one made in Surrey. 24 botanicals, citrus, rose (noticing a trend here?) and balanced out with local honey, this new gin is a real treat and will make the best G&T you and your crew have had all year.

Corte Vetusto Mezcal

Tequila? Old news. This year's been all about mezcal (tequila, we still love you) and new award winner Corte Vetusto is one of our favourites. It's a small batch artisinal mezcal made with wild agave ensuring it's super smooth and sippable and has that perfect level of smokiness; subtle and enhancing rather than making you feel like you smoked 30 last night.  Mezcal is wicked in cocktails as the smokiness adds real flavour so try twisting it into your Tommy's Margarita. If you wanna look like a booze pro this Christmas, or fancy drinking like BarChick, just sip it neat or on the rocks.  You get all that flavour, and being made of 100% agave, you can bet you'll feel better in the morning than your mate whose knocking back the Prosecco.

Belsazar Vermouth

This range of vermouths are a key ingredient in cocktails in some of London’s best bars.  So you should probably get in on it. You can pick your blend from their dry, red, rose or white vermouths depending on what you’re after. Add to cocktails or sip it like BarChick in a Belsazar Vermouth and tonic… it's low ABV so won't have you falling off your chair.

The classics

King's Ginger

This is a Christmas cabinet must have.  Specifically created by Berry Bros way back in 1903 for King Edward VII, it's still going strong today. This liqueur is gingery, zesty and rich,  making it the perfect addition to your Champagne, Christmas cocktails, mulled wine or even just enjoyed straight up on ice. BarChick’s dad won't do Christmas without it.

Tio Pepe Sherry

A Christmas classic that needs to be in your cupboard. It's dry, it's fresh, Nan loves the stuff and it also goes really well in a Bloody Mary; some say it's the secret ingredient. Otherwise treat it just like a glass of white wine and serve unbelievably chilled.

Buffalo Trace 

Whisky is the perfect winter tipple (think hot toddies) and this is one of the smoothest around.  It’ll warm you up from the inside out and then some. Keeping the toffee and apple flavours simple it's perfect in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan for post dinner cocktails or just enjoyed straight up on the rocks.


You've got to be able offer people something ice cold and fresh when they walk through the door - and Peroni ticks all the boxes. It's the sassiest beer around. Thought beer was just for good for - well, beer? Think again. Peroni is kick ass in cocktails too. Play like some of the best bartenders on the planet and mix up some Peroni cocktails if you're feeling fancy. They even do gluten free for THAT family member. Salut!


Everyone needs a little bit of luxe in their life and this cognac totally fits the bill. They've just brought out a limited edition range that includes a Courvoisier Reserve 1978 for £1,100 and we can tell you now that it's worth every penny. If you're after a cheaper version the Courvoisier V.S.O.P is around £30 and excellent if you're mixing up some sophisticated cocktails for guests.

Sipsmith Sloe Gin

We all know that Sipmsith do a damn good gin, but did you know about their Sloe Gin? Made in the same distillery in Hammersmith by the same crew, it’s super smooth and, having been made using sloe berries, it's got a sweetness. We drinks ours neat. Just the kind of thing you can slip into your emergency hip flask when all the Champagne runs out at the Christmas party.

Louis Roederer

It's the season to party and that means popping the Champagne on the regs. The one we're drinking this year is Louis Roederer's Brut Premier Non Vintage. Blended from at least four vintages and some Chardonnay, it'll slip down a dream. We all know the better the quality Champagne, the easier the hangover, so go for this one and you (and your guests) can thank us later.

Altos Tequila

Sure Tequila doesn't scream 'yuletide classic' but we say think outside the box. Nothing starts a party like some of this stuff, get grandma sipping on a Margarita and you'll have yourself a merry one.  Even better you can whip out the ultimate booze trivia at the table when you learn how the stuff was made by watching THIS. It's epic.  Yes you've learnt something from all that time spent drinking, stick that, Grandad.


Other Essentials For Your Cabinet

Tonic (we love Schweppes, it's those bubbles)


Angostura Bitters

Tomato juice

Ginger ale


Where to buy your booze?

Check out our best booze shops in London, but our favourite 31 Dover can be visited from the comfort of your own home, delivered the next day and they’ve got all the right booze to fill that cupboard.