Eat Out To Help Out - The Extension Edition

This time, it's on them

So the government did something we actually liked, for a change... Can someone check if Hell has frozen over? The Eat Out To Help Out scheme was so bloody popular a whole bunch of restaurants are doubling down and keeping the discount going for another month. Fair play. You'll find us at these epic food hot spots in September...


Cue epic ceviche, dreamy Pisco Sours, and all the laid back South American vibes you could want. Then knock 50% off the food bill up to a tenner per diner and you're in for some good times throughout September. As we always do, we'll be hitting up the Pachamama tasting menu, where sharing is caring and the dishes come thick and fast. Bring it on.

The deal is still going at both Pachamama Marylebone & Pachamama East, and available for up to 6 people per booking.

Shackfuyu + Flesh & Buns

Japanese comfort food doesn’t get much better than Korean fried chicken wings, Iberico katsu Sandos and Seared Salmon Tiraditos. Apart from when you knock a tenner off the bill. Hello! Both of these izakaya-style sibling restaurants are keeping the good times rolling with the 50% discount, with Flesh & Buns adding Thursdays into the mix. Legends. 

Deal available at Shackfuyu in Soho, and Flesh & Buns Covent Garden & Fitzrovia throughout September


Get ready to nab a slice of the discount action at all branches of this kick-ass pizza joint. Obviously we'll be going for more than just a slice. F*ck it, when there's 50% off, you may as well go all out and get one of those 20" pizzas for yourself (next day cold pizza is the champion of all breakfasts. Fact.) All their toppings are banging, but you know whether it's in our glass and on our plates, we're all about the Margaritas.

Join the pizza party at Shoreditch, City, Marylebone and White City branches across Mon-Weds in September.


They gave us the extra gift of including booze in the EOTHO deal in August, and now for September, they're keeping the goods flowing. Man, we love these guys. With 20% off drinks including wine, draught pints and slushes alongside 20% off food (up to £10 person), it means that you can get your mouth around the likes of Rudie's Jerk Shack's curry goat dumplings, The Athenian's killer kebabs and Black Bear Burgers' kickass nugs and still have change from a twenty.

Hit up Boxpark Croydon, Wembly and Shoreditch to nab this deal.


From a little 20 seater shipping container in POP Brixton to three always-packed-out restaurants across London, Kricket is nailing it, and there’s a damn good reason why. The food is bloody perfect. 2020 might have been a shocker of a year so far, but the future is looking a little bit brighter where this place is concerned. From now until the end of December, Mondays at Kricket are half-priced. That's 50% off all food and soft drink, with no £10 cap, for the next 4 months of Mondays. See what we mean? Perfection.

Booking definitely essential for this, and available at Brixton, Soho & White City locations.

Tapas Brindisa

We've had some pretty juicy dreams about the olive oil drizzled, oregano sprinkled orange stuffed Perelló olives they serve up at Brindisa, so you can bet you're ass we'll be ordering double portions throughout September while all four branches of this Spanish tapas joint extend their dining offer. They're spoiling us with an extra day of discount, too, offering 50% off Monday-Thursday when you quote ‘Comemos’ at the time of booking. Olives, come at us.

Deal available at Battersea, London Bridge, South Kensington and Soho branches of Brindisa for the whole of the month


Summer might be over, but the BBQ vibes are sticking around for good, and in September, they're staying deliciously affordable. Following a banging August of EOTHO, Smokestak are keeping the discounts coming and divi-ing up the deal with Rishi to give you a fiver off their starter, bun, side and pud deal, setting you back just £15 for the lot. Bring on the meat sweats.

4for15 runs every Monday to Wednesday for lunch and dinner all month.

El Camion

If you're looking for BarChick in Soho on a weekend, chances are this is where you'll find us (either at the bar or dancing on top of it). And through September, you'll find us here on weekdays going wild for their half-price Mexican food. We're talking 50% off their jam-packed burritos, crispy tostadas and fresh, juicy soft shell tacos. Hell yeah! They're not included in the deal, but we'll be knocking back a few of their zingy Tommy's Margs to go with it. We are who we are. 

Available Mon-Weds. And psssst. If you've got the late-night munchies you can hit this place up for  discounted Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas till 2:30am.

The Good Egg

This "sort-of Middle Eastern" restaurant is going big this month and bringing you an extra dose of half-priced goodness at their Soho joint, which suits us just right 'cause we can never get enough of their epic Shakshuka - the eggy, tomato-y brunch of the gods. To get the discount you've gotta sign up via this link. They'll then send ya an email with a voucher which is yours to take sweet advantage of every Mon-Wed for the rest of the month. That's huge.

You'll find The Good Egg in Kingly Court. Don't forget to sign up for that voucher!


If you're into your Indian fine dining (we're talkin' succulent venison keema and juicy smoked Malabar prawns) you can hit up the beautiful Kahani in Belgravia for the whole of September and get a discount as tasty as the food! HOLLA! This elegant restaurant reopened its doors at the end of August, missing out on making the most of the government deal, so they're making up for lost time for the whole of this month, 5 days a week. Put that tenner you'll be saving towards one of their cocktails. The bar team here know how to make Asian magic with booze.

The Kahani version of EOTHO will run Tuesday through Saturday from 5.30pm - 10.30pm.


So our fave Sri Lankan restaurant might not be sticking to the tradish EOTHO deal, but if you're hungry for hoppers and dosas, this deal is even better. If you're an early bird kinda diner (that's pre 6:30pm to you and me) you'll get a free drink when you feast, or if you're more of a night owl, book yourself a late-night table in the week (we're talking past 9:30pm) and hit up their £25 set menu and go to town on their unlimited hoppers and dosas. 

Available at their Soho, Kings Cross & Marylebone restaurants, Mon-Thurs.

Roka Mayfair

When it comes to boujji sushi, luxe tempura and more Shochu that you can shake a cherry-blossomed twig at, Roka is where we rock up to. Yeah, it's pricy, but with a thrifty extension of the EOTHO deal, those purse strings won't have to be stretched quite as far. We'll take an extra portion of the Wagyu Gunkan, thanks.

Only available at Roka Mayfair, on food and soft drinks throughout September.

Sager & Wilde Paradise Row

Come for the wine, stay for the very appetising food discount this joint will be hooking you up with for the rest of the month. When we're kicking it in East London and craving a bottle (or two) of the good stuff plus a few plates of something extra tasty, this is our bee-line. Saffron arancini, beef shin ragu, Prosciutto e melone - it's all f*cking ace here, and at 50% off - well, that's extra money for wine, right?

Offer is available at Paradise Row and at Hackney road. Space is limited, so do yourself a favour and book in advance.


We've said it before and we'll say it again. Michelin starred grub doesn't have to plummet you into an overdraft, especially when the crew at Gymkhana wanna gift you a delicious 20% off your food bill this month. On Tuesday + Wednesday between 5.30pm – 6.00pm, and Wednesdays – Saturdays from 12.00pm – 2.30 pm⁣⁣, the only thing on the bill that'll be eye-watering is the pork cheek vindaloo. Spicy!
Quote 'Stay Eating Out' to redeem when booking. Discount applies to food only. Max group size of 6. ⁣⁣

Shoryu Ramen

We learnt to do alotta things during our spare time in lockdown, but we never quite managed to nail a ramen as good as the one you get at Shoryu. Good thing they're keeping the party the government started going for the next month so we can get our fill of the good stuff. And boy, will it be a fill if you double down and hit them up on a Tuesday to take advantage of both the EOTHO and Takoyaki Tuesday offer. Don't worry, that food baby looks good on you.

Check out the deals you can use alongside EOTHO in September so you can get your feast on!


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