10 Epic Tequila Cocktails You Can Order To Your Door NOW

Welcome to Margaritaville - population *you*

Let's be frank - we don't need an excuse to get on the Margs... but hey, with Cinco De Mayo round the corner why not? Sure, you can get hands-on and whip up a Tommy's Marg with this recipe, but why not kick back & order one of these epic agave cocktails to your door? Live your best lockdown life with a lil' trip down Mexico way. 

The Classics

Tequila, orange liqueur, lime BOOM. Sometimes ya just want the OG.

Tom Savano Single Estate Reposado Margarita

When something promises to be 'so smooth and fresh you’ll feel you’re lying on the warm sand surrounded by palm trees with one sip' then we sit up and damn well listen. 

Grab a 250ml bottle here - 15% limited time & free delivery on 3+ cocktails so go wild.

The Sun Tavern

Having a lockdown Cinco De Mayo celebration with your housemates? Wanna stock up? This bumper box is the way to do it. Choose two bottled cocktails created on-site at The Sun Tavern by the wicked bar team, and you'll get 6 beers too - all for £50. Sure you can go for Irish Old Fashioned, Negroni, Sazerac... but why would you when Margs are on the cards??

Each bottled cocktail contains 4 cocktail serves. Get your box of treats here

Cheeky Twists

Kinda like a Margarita, but with a twist in its tail

Persian Lime & Nori Margarita - World of Zing 

Sherbert lime notes, umami seaweed... this screams mouth-watering flavour bomb for the tastebuds, and we're into it. Those badasses at World of Zing sure know how to mix a creative cocktail. 

Grab a bottle here. 

Mirror Margarita - Hacha

It's a Margarita but it's... clear? Yep, and award-winning too (cocktail of the year for CLASS 2020, doncha know). Sadly the coasters don't come with it more's the pity BUT good news is you can also order the Mezcal version. F*ck yeah. 

Minimum two bottles per order, but trust us, you won't mind buying bulk when you try it

Hibiscus & Persian Lime Smoked Margarita - World of Zing

Another top twist from those crafty devils at World of Zing. This one's got floral hibiscus cosying up to the lime leaves for a sweeter serve. You'll also notice it says 'smoked' - that comes from a bit of added mezcal. Naughty. 

Get involved with a bottle here

Perfect Palomas

Want a bit more kick in your cocktail? A Paloma = tequila, lime & grapefruit juice. Refreshing as hell, it's the Marg's sassy sister. 

Black Line Drinks


Paloma means 'dove', hence the awesome graphic of a bird on the bottle (all designed by up-and-coming young artists). They add a little Maldon Salt to this well-balanced beauty of tequila blanco, grapefruit soda & citrus. It makes for a drink as wicked as one that's been freshly mixed. 

Order your 750ml bottle here, and check out their other cocktails while you're at it.


The gang at Lollipop have bottled their version of this Mexican beauty direct to your door - and they've invited Ting to the party. Tequila, Ting and Grapefruit: count us in. They even give you a piece of dehydrated grapefruit for garnish. Legends!

Grab a single serving or 3+ servings here

Tequila times galore

It makes you happy, it's not so savage for a hangover, and it's healthier - it's time to take a trip to tequila town.

El Diablo - Callooh Callay

It's got tequila. It's got merlet creme de cassis. It's got fresh ginger and ginger ale - what more could you want? Oh, that it's made by an award-winning bar and one of BarChick's faves? Go on then. You can order a bottle of this banger from the awesome crew at Callooh Callay. With 10 serves in each delivery, prepare to make Cinco De Mayo a night to remember (or not). 

Don't delay - order your bottle here. 

Tequila & Habanero Fizz - Proofing Room

Wanna crank things up a gear? This bad boy has your back. Ocho Tequila, Fuck Trump & His Stupid Fucking Wall, fake coconut, lemon oil & orange bitters make this a carbonated creation we could drink for days. Vamos de fiesta!

Treat yourself to a bottle or three here.

And finally... Mix things up with mezcal

They LOVE it in Mexico & we make no secret of how we go wild for tequila's smokier, sexier sibling. 

DOÑA Mezcal Margarita

Just when you thought a Margarita couldn't get better... this fiery number comes along. Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal, Virtuous Vodka ginger, citrus, and agave = pow. What's even better is that DOÑA is an awesome female-led bar in Stoke Newy. Epic. 

One just won't be enough - order yours via thedrinksdrop.com here.

Maplab Barrel-Aged Mezcal Negroni


Go to town and order this insane bottled cocktail from the Gs at MAP lab. They take their drinks pretty seriously and you will too once you've got a taste of this baby. Los Cuerdos Mezcal, Campari and Antica Formula - guaranteed to be your next home-bar fave.   

Check out the full range of MAP lab bottled cocktails here.