Field Day As A BarChick And Jägermeister VIP

Mud pools, Jäger shots and umbrella dancing

We recently surprised one of our BarChick Concierge users with a free pair of Field Day tickets and VIP treatment at the on-site JägerHaus. POW. She had a ball (obvs), with smug queue hopping and Jägermeister-on-tap all day.  We're not just talking shots of the good stuff, we're talking a full on Jager Haus cocktail list with epic Jager Negronis, fresh Sours and their banging Spicy Apple Strudel (think Jager spiced, vanilla, apples and fresh mint).

Here’s our winner Emma's diary of events - try not to get too jealous.  Want in on the fun? They're doing it all over again for Kendal Calling festival in a few weeks. Nice one.

field day barchick vip with jager 3

June 12th 2016

10pm – Casually messaging BarChick Concierge to find a good place to go drinking

10.02pm  Get a reply, along with a surprise offer of 2 field day VIP tickets.

10.05pm  Called my boyfriend. Scream a lot.

10.15pm – Bulk order glitter.


June 15th 2016

9am – It’s FIELD DAY!!!

11.30am  Kick things off with a Champagne picnic breakfast with our festival crew

11.45am  Abandon breakfast due to monsoon

12pm – Nip back home to source wellies

12.30pm  Head to Field Day, realise we have a queue jump to avoid the rain, shoulder wiggle dance in celebration

field day barchick vip with jager 6

12.35pm  Handed a sparkly VIP wristband - more celebratory shoulder dancing

1pm  Found the JägerHaus - queue was around the bend (skipped that though, obvs)

1.15pm – checked out the cocktail list, agreed to sample most of the menu (for research)

1.30pm – Quick Jäger shot with the bartender for luck

2pm Sun comes out, entire festival cheers

field day barchick vip with jager 4

2.30pm Watch people fall into mud pools, more cheers

3pm Dance to awesome acts

4pm – Abandoned by the men in their bid to watch some football

4.30pm Watched Petit Noir and The Invisible. Crowd is going OFF.

field day barchick vip with jager 5

6.30pm Rejoined by dejected men

7pm – Buy Pad Thai and drink Jager cocktails to cheer up men

8pm – Head back to JägerHaus and up the stairs to the VVIP section, ('cos that’s how we roll today). Obviously we're on the shots by this point.

8.30pm  Field Day looks BANGING from up here, so we set out to the open festival, straight to the main stage for James Blake.

8-11pm – More dancing until the lights come up

11pm – Noooo. Don’t end.

11.30pm Regroup for a pint in The Crown pub

12am – Dive through the closing shutters of a chippy for midnight sustenance

12.30am – Uber rating plummets due to mud carnage in car

1am Muddy bed

field day barchick vip with jager 2


This content was brought to you by Jägermeister & BarChick. Want in on the action, stay tuned, use the concierge and next time it might just be you jumping queues and getting the royal Jager Haus treatment.