Grand Marnier and The Hidden Charm Bar Competition

BarChick love a good festival (or four), so when the guys at Grand Marnier invited us down to TWO weekends: the Isle of Wight Festival AND Love Supreme complete with tipis and even better, a fast track pass to enjoy as many Grand Marnier cocktails as we’d like at their Hidden Charm Bar, we couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Being a French liqueur there was a Parisian theme throughout... obvs! Bringing a touch of elegance to the usually hectic festival vibes, this hidden bar was the place to be. With cocktails served in red bubble glasses (f*cking cool!), a garden decked out with bean bags and a load of hot bartenders in bow ties (even the girls)… we we’re loving it. PLUS there were banging DJs throughout the weekend at the bar, so we spent the majority of the time sunning ourselves sipping on fine cocktails rather than venturing out to see the real acts. By the end of it even we thought we worked there (especially as one BarChick rocked up in red disco pants).


Sadly, the Hidden Charm Bar has packed up for the summer BUT don’t sweat it… to carry on the summer/festival feeling grab the new Grand Marnier Bubble pack (yes, the red bubble glass is included…!) with a bottle of the luxury Cognac Grand Marnier and recipe book so you can impress your mates.

Want to WIN a Bubble pack?! Then tell us YOUR French fantasy! Send entries to … GOOD LUCK!

If you win we say make this one at home:

Le Grand Ginger

    • 1.5 shots Grand Marnier® liqueur (45ml)
    • 4 shots ginger ale (120ml)
    • 1 squeeze fresh lime
    • Garnish : 1 lime wedge
    • 5 ice cubes

In a tall glass, pour Grand Marnier® liquor over ice cubes. Fill up with ginger ale. Squeeze a wedge of lime above the glass and add same wedge in the glass.