BarChick's Guide to The Super Bowl


People go nuts for this. Who’s playing? Who’s gonna score the touchdown? Will the half time entertainment have a nipple malfunction like Janet Jackson did? Whatever happens, it’s a good excuse to drink.

London’s bars have beer buckets, large screens, hot dogs and cheerleaders so we can pretend we’re part of the action too, but what the hell is it all about? If you’re gonna go and spectate, you’re going to need to know some facts...

The Jist: There are two teams, each with 11 players. To score points they need to get the ball into the other team's end zone for a touchdown, or by kicking it through the opposite team’s goalposts for a field goal. Kinda like rugby, except with helmets, and a lot of stopping.

When is it? The first Sunday of February (7th Feb 2021) This year is the 55th time the game has been staged, and cos they're all about that Roman numerical tradition, it's gonna be known as Super Bowl LV. 

Who’s playing? The reigning champs, the Kansas City Chiefs, will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are led by Tom Brady (yeah, he's the only one we've heard of, too)

Where is it held? The Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida.

What time is it on? You'll need a lotta coffee to see ya through to the final whistle as the game will start around 11:30pm UK time, and keep goin' until around 3am.

What do they win? BIG BUCKS and a pimp & bling ring.  

Who’s the entertainment? This year the honour falls to The Weeknd.

Why is the half-time show such a big deal? It is the most-watched musical event of the year. More than 115 million viewers in the U.S. watched last year’s show, and it’s broadcast WORLDWIDE.

What you should drink: Beer is the go-to. Make it a lager, and stick to the bottles (for aesthetic, and easier to avoid spilling when you jump up when your team scores). Budweiser is known to create the best ads for half time commercial breaks (remember those cute puppies?) so that's the bottle most would reach for. But if you wanna go for cocktails, keep 'em on theme. We like this Tangerine Rosemary Old Fashioned by Lauren Barth for Mom Trends. It's the perfect partner for buffalo wings and spicy nachos.

40ml bourbon
Angostura bitters, to taste
1 tsp honey
30ml tangerine juice

Combine and stir down. Add a sprig of rosemary & tangerine slices for garnish

Food and Drink estimated figures: It's the second-highest day of food consumption in the US after Thanksgiving, with the average fan consuming 1200 calories and 50 grams of fat on snacks alone. Engineers at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken came up with these outrageous estimates:

- 325 million gallons of beer will be consumed during the big game (that’s 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools).

- 100 million pounds of chicken wings will be eaten.

- 9 million pizzas will be taken down. 

Hangovers:  Apparently 7 million people won’t turn up for work the next day – so if you’re getting involved, maybe save yourself some agro and book that bad boy off.

Lingo to pretend you’re a pro:

Pick a team, learn a few names and cross your fingers they do well.

When you describe what your team are doing get in the habit of saying "we", it shows passion. Then highlight your passion by saying afterwards "Ugh. I say ‘we’ like I’m out there with them!”

When you come back from a toilet break ALWAYS ask what you missed! It shows you care.

Act aloof at the half time show, it’s cutting into some important game time.

If you someone calls you up on something you’ve said and you’re not sure of the answer, pretend your phone is ringing, pick it up and say "mate, I know, what a game!” and walk off talking.

Try using the words “roster”, “play book” and “run formation” when you can.