Halloween Is Here - Get Your Freak On With BarChick

When it comes to Halloween, us BarChicks are in the ‘hell yeah’ camp.   
As the immortal quote goes ‘in girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it’. We say ‘in the bar world, Halloween is the one night a year you can go get your freak on, kit yourself in a costume, and drink lurid cocktails named after body parts.’   
Time to summon the spirits and have a bloody good Halloween in these killer London bars.  

La Maison Gothique at Oriole  

Oct 31st | 8.00pm-11.59pm 
Faded glamour. Bewitching burlesque. Grey Goose cocktails to blur the senses. Sounds suitably seductive for BarChick. Descend into the dark underbelly of Paris at the turn of the century (via 2018 Smithfields) for a night of macabre revelry. Grab your crew to channel Parisian Gothic with your dress and vodka decadence with your drinks. There’ll be an extraordinary circus of cabaret and showmanship until the witching hour descends, so prepare to party. 
Tickets are £25 and include a Welcome Drink, live performances and a takeaway serve. 

Discount Suit Company x Jack The Ripper Tour 

Tues 30th October | 6:30pm & 8:15pm 
Wed 31st October | 6:30pm 
Tickets £20 each including two cocktails and tour 
BarChick doesn’t usually recommend getting krunk and wandering down dark alleys – but on this occasion we might make an exception. Follow the footsteps of the world’s most notorious serial killer, then knock back some drinks right around the corner from the crime scene. Creepy. After a tour of Jack The Ripper’s East End hunting ground, settle your nerves with The Rum Ripper. Rum + absinthe + unsolved murders = what Halloween was made for. 

Kraken Rum Screamfest: Ocean of Souls 

@ Secret East London Location 
A tentacled beast asking for your soul? BarChick says go for it. Especially when Kraken Rum cocktails are up for grabs. Wave goodbye to your mortal soul and prepare to get wet, baby, because you’re going down. An underwater world awaits. Secrets, plots, a shipwrecked galleon... sick. Obviously there are cocktails at the end, or BarChick would be elsewhere. Do seaweed, squid ink and snake venom mix well with rum? You’re gonna find out.  

Goat, Chelsea – Potions class

31st October | 7pm-10pm 
We’d usually advise against getting your wand out in a bar - it doesn’t go down well. That is until you enrol at GOATWARTS. BarChick *might* have been sent to the naughty corner at school one too many times, but when it comes to boozy concoctions we’d be Head Girl. Potion classes, wand duels and mythical beasts make this a night to remember. C’mon, it’s Harry Potter themed, for f**ks sake. It’s gonna be fun. 

Twisted Circus Party at Savage Garden

Friday 26th October  
If clowns aren’t your thing, it might be worth having a tequila shot to steady yourself before heading here. Nightmarish performers and creepy circus acts = one savage night. Devilishly good cocktails will tear your eyes from one of the best rooftop views in London, and fancy dress is a must. Question is, who’ll be dancing on the human table when midnight rocks around? 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Night at The Book Club 

Saturday 27th October | 4pm-3am 
Angel, Spike or Xander? If this wasn’t the question plaguing your teen years then where even were you? Spend Halloween reliving your youth by watching the most iconic episodes of Buffy. That's after joining Art Macabre for a life drawing session. Epic. Need a drink? Cocktails like the ‘Slayers Sour’ with Four Roses Bourbon and Solerno Blood Orange liquor sound pretty killer. It’s not just the 90s fashion we’ll be loving. Later on the tunes go retro and 90s dance music will have BarChick pulling out the moves. Dust of that pleather mini skirt and prepare to slay. 
Dark Circus Party 
Sat 27th October 
Risque, sultry and tantalisingly twisted. The Dark Circus Party is one of the most seductive ways to spend Halloween, so naturally it has BarChick’s attention. Embrace your inner voyeur and succumb to a night of wild abandon and pleasure seeking. Costume is mandatory, so choose your most outrageous outfit and indulge your darkest fantasties. Inside the haunted big-top, anything could happen. We like those odds... 
The Spirits of Alcotraz 
28th – 31st October | 7-10pm 
Spending the night behind bars? Sign of a crazy session. The grave digging, missing bodies and zombies are more unusual. That’s Halloween trapped on Alcotraz, people. It’s gonna more nerve wracking than a UK referendum result day. Dead inmates have risen, and they want revenge. Will you join them? These kind of decisions require cocktails. Luckily there are three criminally insane ones to choose from. Sorted.  
Pleasure vs Pain at The Little Blue Door 
Wed 31st October – Friday 2nd November 
It’s usually BarChick who’s causing pulses to race and blood to pump. This Halloween The Flatmates at The Little Blue Door are attempting the same. These sick supper-clubs will test your limits to the max. 5-courses of daring delicacies and tantalising tipples await. Expect jalapeno spiked cocktails and canapés laced with creepy crawlies. Buggin’.  
Rumpus Room – Malice in Wonderland  
Sat 27th October  
We’re never one to shy away from a scandalous situation. Macabre fantasy with a hint of titillation? You’re talking BarChick’s language. Fall down the rabbit hole at The Rumpus Room and prepare to get trippy. Illusions and adventure are promised, so grab a drink and soak it up. The cocktail menu is by the team at Dandelyan (World’s Best Bar, FYI). We want the Bada Boom made with grapefruit gin & ‘exploding’ syrup. Costumes are a must, so get planning your