Halloween with Funkin Cocktails

It’s the holiday of the year, and that means it’s time to dress up, drink up and get freaky. No one likes anything better than a Halloween house party, so we hooked up with Funkin to bring you some kick ass cocktail ideas. They provide the speedy mixers, we come up with the outfits to match. What’s more, they are offering free delivery up to Halloween when you buy any of their 750ml Funkin cocktail mixers.

It’s all part of their ‘Funkin Fast’ campaign that launched on the 20th October, in short it shows you how Funkin helps to make your cocktails dead fast this Halloween, treating you to great tasting drinks but giving you more time to get dressed up and party. Bring it.

Brazilian® Zombie – Zombie

You may have had your World Cup fill but this recipe is minimum output with maximum effect. All you need is their totally tropical Brazilian® mixer (it even has guarana in it) and the zombie outfit to match. Halloween is the one and only time you can dress like a nutter and get away with it.
100ml Funkin Brazilian® cocktail mixer

10ml grenadine

50ml dark rum

Pour the Funkin Brazilian over ice, pour in the grenadine and top it with any dark rum you have. For the garnish add a couple of lime and orange wedges and a sprig of mint.

Brazilian.Zombie.Cocktail (1)

Piña Colada - Hula Girl/Guy

Even though it’s nearly November, we highly recommend making this Piña Colada. With just two ingredients there is more time to concentrate on the decorations. For the outfit we’re thinking beach vibes… dig out that coconut bra and hitch up your hula skirt. It’s Colada time.

35ml Malibu Rum

100 ml Funkin Piña Colada mixer

Fill a glass with ice, add the Malibu Rum top, the Funkin Piña Colada and give it a stir! As it’s Halloween you can garnish it with whatever the hell you want.


Pumpkin Mojito – Pumpkin

Not only the most drunk cocktail in the world, but it also takes the longest to make! Luckily Funkin have come up with a mixer so all you need is some rum and a bit of pumpkin syrup and you have yourself a Pumpkin Mojito. The outfit? It’s gotta be orange and preferably look like you’ve just walked off the pumpkin patch.

50ml Funkin Mojito

50ml pumpkin syrup (see recipe)

35ml rum

Fill a glass with ice, add the rum, top with Funkin Mojito, stir and add a touch of mint for the garnish.


Ruined Daiquiri – Vampire

This one’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser and suitably coloured for a bloody party! Make sure you’ve got enough ice in the house, crushed if possible but any will do. For the outfit we say go old school and go vampire. Inspiration can come from anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Interview with a Vampire to the one and only Dracula.  Just don’t forget your teeth.

Gin & Campari mixed with Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri:

25ml gin

25ml Campari

100ml Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail mixer

Add all the ingredients to your shaker and give a quick shake, then add to a glass filled with ice (crushed) and garnish with slice of orange peel.


Woo Woo -Dead School Girl/Guy

This mixer is a combination of strawberries, lemons, peaches and cranberries so you can party whilst still getting your five a day. All you’ve got to do is add some gin/rum and you’re done. For the outfit we’ve gone with dead school girl/guy, a bit like Britney but with less of the sex appeal.
100ml Funkin Strawberry Woo Woo mixer

35ml gin/rum

1 strawberry

Fill a glass with ice, add the vodka, top with Funkin Strawberry Woo Woo mix, stir and add a sliced strawberry


Bloody Mary with Pickle Juice - A Gangster

BarChick’s been enjoying this Funkin Pickle Juice since we first heard about it. Have this Bloody Mary with pickle juice at the party and drink the rest of it in the next morning, you might need it. Something about pickle juice screams gangster to us, copy this kids outfit and you’ll be on the right track.

50ml vodka

1cm piece of fresh horseradish

100l good tomato juice

1 tablespoon of Funkin Pickle Juice

a dash of Tabasco

a dash of Worcestershire sauce

1/2 tsp celery salt

1/2 lemon, cut into wedges

Either the above or chase a shot of rye whisky with a shot of Funkin Pickle Juice. We call it the Pickleback.

Pickle.Juice (2)

Peach Bellini – Marilyn Monroe

This one is beautifully simple, the white peach Bellini mix has been made from white peaches ripened in the sunshine and all it needs is the addition of bubbles, so you can go as extravagant or cheap as you like depending on your guests. Still the sweetest and sexiest woman we’ve ever seen, dress your Mrs up as Marilyn and put one of these in her hand.

35ml Funkin White Peach Bellini Mixer

Top with Sparkling wine/Prosecco/cava/Champagne


Espresso Martini – Skeleton

There’s nothing like an Espresso Martini to get the party started. Thanks to Funkin you don’t even need an Espresso machine for this one, it’s made with a mixture of coffee and malt and just needs around 25ml of Tia Maria with every pouch. For the outfit we say go with the good old skeleton. Jazz it up with some day of the dead style face paints and you’re good to go.

Funkin Espresso Martini Mixer (single serve).

Tia Maria 25ml


Dead Celeb Cooler - Michael Jackson

The Hollywood® Mixer is a combination of raspberry, blueberry and acai and goes just great with some vodka, Kahlua and a top of ginger beer to make a Dead Celeb Cooler. For the outfit you have to understand that in the USA they take Halloween to the next level, check out Heidi Klum’s efforts and you’ll see what we mean. So dress like Michael Jackson in Thriller and get practicing your dance moves baby.

Vodka and Kahlua shaken with Funkin Hollywood® and topped with ginger beer:

25ml vodka

25ml Kahlua

100ml Funkin Hollywood® Mixer

Method: Shake all ingredients and pour over fresh ice. Garnish with an orange wedge.


Margarita - Mexican wrestler

Make your Halloween guests a Margarita, dress like a Mexican wrestler and you’re good to go. Yes the masks might get a bit sweaty but it just means if you’re having a bad hair day you won’t need to worry.

100ml Funkin Margarita mixer

50ml tequila

This lime and orange mix just needs pouring into your Margarita glass, add the tequila and there you have it.  ​