Hanson Releases a Beer

It's not often that a new product launch gets coverage in Rolling Stone and NME mags, then again it's not every day that a trio of teen pop sensations release a beer. Here are the many awesome things that we love about the Oklahoma brotherly trio's new craft pale ale:

1. They announced it at the premier of the Hangover Part III

2. The proceeds go towards the recovery efforts for the recent devastating tornadoes that swept through Hanson's home state.

3. It was created in partnership with a company who's name is so cool that it can only be awesome - Mustang Brewing


4. The beer's name is Mmmhops, f*ck yeah it is.

For now Mmmhops will only be available to purchase at their shows for their upcoming 'Anthem' tour, or if you can't stand the idea of sitting through several hours of Hanson tunes, you can always buy a Mmmhops tshirt from their website

In case you were worried, yes, they're old enough to drink now, check em.