Healthy Cocktails You Need To Try

January is a long month. Let’s face it, there’s no way you’re going to make it to the 31st without booze.

BarChick’s got your back with these healthier cocktails packed with vitamins, veg and a hit of the good stuff:

Green Goddess at The Lido Café

Need a reward after all those laps of the pool or just fancy sipping on the side while checking some swimmer bods? Hone your inner Hoff and suck on a Green Goddess. Made with Kamm & Sons, lemon juice, kale juice, sugar syrup, soda water and finished off with a slice of cucumber, it’s worth getting wet for.

Dulwich Road, Brockwell Lido, London, SE24 0PA

Mirrorball at Simmons

Simmons are spankin’ January with a range of low-cal, super fresh and bl*ody cheap cocktails. Try the Mirrorball made with gin, lemon juice, organic agave syrup and soda water, providing you with a burst of vitamin C – and, of course, booze. Broke? Who isn’t. Hit it during the January sales for £2.50 drinks between 4-9pm every day. No excuses.

28 Maple Street, London, W1T 6HP

Green Twist at The Cadogan Arms

Drink to your health with The Cadogan’s healthy cocktails. Each one is packed with fruit and veg and a shot of Kamm & Sons ginseng spirit aka. the ‘healthiest’ booze out there made from botanicals that boost energy and lower blood pressure. Go green and suck on a Green Twist with juiced spinach, spirulina (vitamin-packed algae), Kamm & Sons and celery.

298 King’s Road, London, SW3 5UG

Matcha & Curly Kale at The Happenstance

Drake & Morgan – they may be taking over London but at least they’re bringing us a reason to keep on boozing throughout the blue month. Their new range of cocktails are bursting with nutrients to kick-start your health binge. Really in to it? The Matcha & Curly Kale with kale, apple and matcha infused Hendricks is basically good for you but we’ll be drinking the Blueberry Hill with a hit of vitamin laden blueberries, sage leaves and vodka.

1 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7AA

The Kombu Caesar at Rivington Grill

To wash down its paleo hunter-gatherer menu of un-processed, high quality food, Rivington Grill is making the Bloody Mary even better (well better for you anyway). The Kombu Caesar is made with Grey Goose Vodka, Mary mix, Clamato juice and 1 teaspoon of kombu seaweed. Now that’ll soothe your head after drinking too many mocktails you naughty thing.

28-30 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3DZ

What the Doctor Ordered at Tanya’s Café

Tanya’s is Europe’s first superfood raw cocktail bar and restaurant, so obvs it’s been January’s hottest hangout. BarChick’s been sipping on the What the Doctor Ordered with Sacred Vodka, lemon juice, ‘doctor juice’, raw honey, ginger bitters, lavender bitters and chia seeds. It lives up to its name.

Myhotel, 35 Ixworth Place, London, SW3 3QX

The Chelsea Rose at Barts

The Chelsea Rose is basically bursting with goodness, thanks to its dark berries, elderflower, cucumber and apple. Plus it’s served in a sharing teapot which means you can take your friends down with you. Hibernation season is over – you heard it here first.

Chelsea Cloisters, London, SW3 3DW

Carrot & Ginger Margarita at Sixty One

Get your tequila hit with a Carrot & Ginger Margarita made with tequila blanco, agave syrup, fresh carrot & ginger juice, fresh lime and rosemary. With specially created cleansing cocktails at Sixty One, there’s no excuse to hang up your drinking boots.

61 Upper Berkeley Street, London, W1H 7PP