Everyone loves a good bonding session, a bit of team building. With deadlines, HR bullshit, too many meetings and office politics thrown around week in week out it’s always good to let off some steam and get locked in a room with colleagues/friends/bosses for an hour…. (NB, pick your teams wisely).

We can’t give too much away, but what we will say is that the HintHunt experience is AMAZING. The whole BarChick crew were grinning like idiots for hours afterwards, and laughing at how some people got quite so involved in the tasks (BarChicklet!).

What we will say is that if you take Cluedo, then throw in the Crystal Maze, a touch of Fort Boyard, then well you have yourself - HintHunt! Don't break things, play nice, and like the BarChicks you might complete the task.

Just trust us on this one. It’s 16 quid a head and it is definitely worth every penny. Then when you’re done head to Shaker & Co, Blues Kitchen or BrewDog for a well-deserved pint, you’re gonna need it!