Hot New Bars Around the Globe - April 2015


Chicago - Heating and Cooling Almost 100 different types of beer Heating and Cooling is totally on trend with this 70’s-esq hideout, complete with drum kits backing the bar, vintage concert posters and motorbike decor. This new Chicago spot will totally bring out your inner rockstar - see how many of the 75 different cans of beer you can try during one visit. 3530 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657 heating.cooling.00_jpg_srb Chicago - Four Star Lounge Pistol shaped ice cubes. BANG. This hot new bar is stripping back all things fancy in favour of authentic, rough around the edges street graffiti decor. Cocktails here are inspired by all things Chicago, including the Little Italy Negroni and Viagra Triangle Martini - BarChick favourite, the rye-filled Capone complete with pistol-shaped ice cubes, is the absolute don. 2666 N Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60614 Chicago - Pi Gallery Bar Candied bacon in your cocktail Open a bar that offers bourbon, pizza and art and BarChick are there with bells on. Follow the scent of mozzarella and pepperoni and you’ll find yourself at this loft conversion venue - the perfect place to kick back on a couch with something cold. We’re all about the Bourbon Babe; chocolate-infused whiskey and candied bacon? Hello! 738 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654 Las Vegas - Omnia Where you can party with DJ Jazzy Jeff Sure, this one’s got a strong nightclub vibe and yes, Justin Beiber did hire it out for an unBeliebable (sorry) birthday party, but the drinks at Omnia are shaken by the Hakkasan guys, which guarantees they’ll be epic. So next time you’re in the mood for rubbing up against a stranger (and, really, when aren’t you?) this is your place. Rev Run and DJ Jazzy Jeff frequently DJ here too, incase you needed another excuse... Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Washington - The Whiskey Bar at Kelly’s Irish Times Whisky lovers wet dream Get comfy among the dark wood and stained glass because you’re gonna be at The Whisky Bar a while - seriously, there are 90 whiskies to choose from, we’re talking the very best from Ireland, Scotland and America. Cancel your evening plans and learn your bartenders name, because you’re in this for the long haul my friend. We’ll be in the corner watching things heat up as the night goes on, this place has a reputation for getting boisterous. 14 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20001 kellys LA - Break Room 86 Where the 80’s lives on This place is rocking boomboxes, school lockers, cassettes, posters and Pac-Man; there’s something for everyone here, providing ‘everyone’ loves the 1980’s. You can chill on a Guns N’ Roses table drinking fluorescent cocktails, go mad on the dancefloor or hang in the graffiti’d Donkey Kong corner but take note, everything stops when the break dancing starts. Oh, there’s a Bill and Ted phone booth too. Most excellent. The Line Hotel, 630 S Ardmore Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005 New York - Porchlight Pre-batched cocktails and deep fried balls This is NYC’s answer to Southern boozing. We’re talking pre-bottled whiskey cocktails, cognac Sazeracs, bison burgers and deep-fried sausage balls - there’s even a porch with rocking chairs to sit and have a moan on. Plus, they’ve got a genuinely delicious bright blue cocktail which is the only bright blue cocktail you’re ever allowed to enjoy. Bonus. 271 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10001 porchlight New York - Holiday Cocktail Lounge Pizza for $1 Back after three long, cocktail-less years, Holiday Cocktail Lounge is better than ever. The drinks list is full of great cocktails (obviously) and beer-and-shot combos that consist of cocktails instead of straight up spirits. It’s a pretty perfect dive with leather banquettes, a half-moon bar and neighbourhood patrons, and in the wee hours they dish out $1 pizza turnovers. Dream. Come. True. 75 St Marks Place, New York, NY 10003 New York - Bacchanal Downstairs Because karaoke is fun again Hidden downstairs at Bacchanal is, you’ve guessed it, Bacchanal Downstairs. Drinks-wise they’ve got loads of greatness to offer, like fancy gin fizzes - these guys also run Bathtub Gin - and cognac Sazeracs. This place is all about friendly vibes and easy fun, and if you’re up for it there’s even karaoke; the kind that you do in front of the whole bar after a bad day at work. So that should fix everything. 146 Bowery, New York, NY 10013 bacchanal San Francisco - Darling’s Elixirs The bar that looks like a pharmacy This building was once a 1920’s chemist and the owners have taken that legacy pretty damn seriously. Less bar more boozy pharmacy (you won’t need reminding to grab some aspirin on the way home), Darling’s Elixirs is only open on weekends (for now, anyways). Once you're in simply rock up at the bar, get your prescription and start knocking ‘em back. 1637 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 San Francisco - Benjamin Cooper Where oysters are an everyday thing Oyster lovers, this one’s for you. To get inside this place you’ve gotta find one of two unmarked doors either on Mason or upstairs from the lobby in Hotel G. With its velvet banquettes, Venetian-plaster ceilings, a walnut bar and a seriously sexy view - not to mention the oysters - this is a real hot date spot. They’ve got some amazing cocktails on the menu but what bartenders here really want is requests so see how well they shake up your favourite, so don’t be afraid to ask. 398 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 benjamin.cooper


Sydney - This Must Be The Place Everything is fizzy, we mean everything These guys are all about the spritzers, from infused vodka to sherry and prosecco mixes, it’s all fizzed up and refreshing. They do a load of prep beforehand which means bottles, valves and pipes a-go-go behind the bar to keep the fizzes fizzed, and the snack options are pretty tasty tapas-based offerings. Asides from the walls, which are decked with stationery art, every other area of this place is decorated in fresh white, matte black and pale timber. You’ll feel like you’re on a relaxing island. 239 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Australia 201o Sydney - Wilhelminas Gin and juice At Wilhelmina’s they like to take things slow, which means less queueing up for shots at the bar and more sipping on classic cocktails and eating some seriously special food. Go for the $10 booze and juice (that’s a spirit and mixer to us Brits) deal if you’re on a budget - there’s no need to miss out. It’s all easy drinking and neighbourhood pals here. 332 Darling St, Balmain 2041 wilhelminas Sydney - Smoking Panda Chinese + America = tacky-tastic Shanghai Vegas vibes You’ll be heading underground for this Chinese-American hybrid bar. Decked out with plush seats, red tasselled lights and beaded curtains the decor verges on a kung fu movie set, but with the addition of pink neon lights, a bright blue jellyfish tank and a Grand Canyon mural behind the bar, this Shanghai Vegas is also like a pimped up Wild West. Weird, but good. The booze is beach-side sexy - order a classic Mai Tai or Hot Smokin’ Mexican Jerks (a cocktail with chipotle beef jerky). 5 – 7 Park Street, Sydney 2000 Auckland - The Crew Club Where Mr Right drinks The Crew Club has washed away all traces of the seedy Waterfront and is now a place where you’ll find James Bond types sipping martinis and gazing into the sunset. With a pretty oceanic interior of creams, blues and nautical naughtiness, we say drop anchor on the deck and dip your toes in the water for some lazy sun-fuelled perfection. Dress smart, this place is chic.

149 Quay Street, Auckland


London - Ceviche Old Street Pisco everything We’ve been big fans of Ceviche’s Soho hangout since day one, so this brand new Old Street offering of BBQ grills and rocking salads is a totally welcome arrival. Customise your own ceviche at the bar and try the pisco - they’ve got so much of the stuff they’re even putting it in your G+T (really, they are. These clever guys have flavoured pisco to mimic the tastes of loads of other spirits. GENIUS!) We’ll be the ones propping up the bar. Baldwin Street, Old Street, London EC1V London - Cahoots Because we miss drinking on the tube All aboard the booze train, next stop London’s first ever 1940’s tube-themed cocktail bar! Once an air raid shelter, this place is big on attention to detail. There’s an actual retro tube carriage inside the venue, for gods sake, and the menu is designed like a 1940’s newspaper. Drink cocktails inspired by wartime rationing, chat up the ticket inspector and make sure you mind the gap. Carnaby Street to Kingly Court, London cahoots (1) London - 5CC Booths for big groups Hidden in the basement of a listed pub lies the newest of the 5CC gang, slap bang in the middle of Old Street. Great for after work drinks, get yourself in one of the big booths, rally your pals and keep the booze flowing. If date night’s more your flex then grab the next hottie you see and cosy up in one of the hidden nooks. Order up an Old Fashioned and get the party started. 1 City Road, London EC1Y 1AG