How To Get Served at a Bar

It’s Saturday night and the bar is four people deep, you’ve just made it to the front but it’s still taking ages. Obviously bars are gonna be busy and bartenders have only got two hands; but that being said there are surely some tips to getting served before the rest?! We asked our favourite bartenders their tips on how to get served. A LOT of them said make sure you tip, so keep that in mind and take notes from the rest….

“…tip well, bartenders are like bearded, tattooed elephants and tipping now will surely improve the service you receive next time.”  Thor, Experimental Cocktail Club, New York

“…hang out by the beer taps or where the bartender's ice well is. It's where he or she will go to most often." Steve Schneider, Employees Only NYC

“Send your hot female friend to buy your drinks (it isn't chivalrous but she will get served faster than you).” Ally Martin, Talented Mr Fox, London

Just be patient we ain't blind but unfortunately we only have two hands.” Mimi, Hawksmoor, London

All bartenders have egos, more so the sh*t ones who haven't learned how little they know yet... flattery gets you everywhere.” Mark Foynes, Soho House, London

“…. a patient and kind costumer might find he/she looking at a shot on the house : )” Timo Janse, Door 74 Amsterdam

I think courtesy and a smile goes a long way. Keep your money in your wallet but don't act surprised when it's time to pay. If you can't follow those simple rules a nice rack might also do it...” Oscar, Dabbous, London

“Definitely wear something under the "slim fit" category. A well placed Chupa Chup always helps. Eye contact (maybe a cheeky flirty wink).” James, The Finnieston, Glasgow

“The cleavage thing is a bit of a myth, women are easily the hardest customers to serve, and good looking girls generally know it. Often if you give a group of girls too much attention they for some unknown reason think they the right to haggle over the price, the quantity and free shots! It’s such a boner killer…” JJ Goodman, London Cocktail Club, London

“1. Be attractive. 2. Don't be unattractive." Gareth, Pollen Street Social, London

“When it's rammed at the bar, someone taking the time to appreciate how hard we are working and saying a simple "You guys are doing an amazing job" will get them served before the clicking, money-waving, helmet wearing f*cktards..." Guy Jacobson, Hippopotamus Cocktail Bar, Wellington NZ

“Being a pretty girl helps but honestly people get served as they come. If you tip or buy the bartender a drink they will remember your face and serve you quicker next time…” Kyle Wilkinson, Social Eating House, London

“Want to get served faster? Listen to the immortal words of Dalton (Patrick Swayze) in Roadhouse: 'Be nice...' " Tom Jackman, Venn Street Records, London

“I have definitely served a girl first for flashing her rack, but it's no guarantee… A good tattoo, smouldering look or cleavage probably goes further on that side of things, but TBH, tip early and tip often is the best advice…” Felix Cohen, Manhattans Project, London

Ask the bartender "do you serve Chartreuse?" Normally gets my attention pretty quick.” Benji, Archer Street, London “Don’t go paying the round in coins (come on, we're not fruit machines here).” Tony Safqi, Shaka Zulu, London

A great smile, an elegant approach, one dash of cordiality and of course two nice boobs...” Daniele, Nu Lounge Bar, Italy

“…by treating your bartender as a human being” Jesper HØlt, No.19, Oslo “I'll always wait on a hot girl with cleavage before some drunk tw*t up in my grill ;-p” Dee Ann Q, Grace Bar, NYC

“Don´t roll your eyes or badmouth them, you can be there forever, dry.” Björn Kjellberg, Little Quarter, Stockholm