The Perfect Sunday At Home: Boozy Brunches, Roasts & Cocktail Deliveries

Brunch & Bloody Marys Delivered? BOOM

One of the things we missed most in lockdown? Having an epic, all-day Sunday sesh that starts with Bloody Marys and Eggs Benedict, and ends with last orders at the pub then stumbling home in a red wine haze. Things we didn't miss? The Monday commute after these kinda sessions. Follow our guide to recreating the magic of a Sunday well spent for a week of serious content.


Waking up with a foggy head from the night before is all part and parcel of your Sunday sesh. The best way to blast out those cobwebs? Caffeine and booze - sometimes together. We're loving the subscription to Kiss The Hippo sustainable coffee, or read here for more of our lockdown suggestions. Lollipop has a cocktail that's dark roasted espresso, coffee liquor and vegan Baileys if you wanna make it a real pre-noon party. F*ck yeah.

Once you've had a steaming cup of Joe then it's on to the hard stuff. Mix up your perfect Bloody Mary by following our recipe (complete with expert advice). OR be the ultimate Sunday slob and get one delivered. Callooh Callay is bottling up hair-of-the-dog here - each one has 10 servings, so you'll be well looked after.

We would say an awesome Sunday is all about keeping things comfy, but then you probably haven't got dressed in real clothes since last month, right? Leave your PJs in the bedroom and bling things up for brunch. 


The great thing about brunch at home? If you have enough fizz in the house then its Bottomless Bubbles for as long as the bottles last. Check out our guide to the best wine delivery services and make sure that cupboard doesn't run dry.

Get brunch munch to your door from Deli Cat & Sons. Avocado toast and granola delivered? You are living your best lockdown life right there. If smoked salmon & scrambled eggs on bagels is how you roll, you'll go mad for this service from B Bagel. It's got all you need to recreate their iconic breakfast snack, & the Sweet Lockdown bundle has freshly-baked muffins, brownies and cookies. Sugar rush Sunday, anyone?

If you're missing this epic party brunch at COYA then your luck's in. Central London dwellers can order COYA en Casa via Supper London which includes a selection of perfectly Peruvian cocktails. Other London brunch faves that are doing deliveries include Eggslut and Dominic Ansel Bakery (quarantine Cronuts, yum) so get involved. 


Ahh Sunday pub lunches. Arguing with the waiter about having a Yorkshire pudding even though you're having chicken (so what?), getting three extra jugs of gravy... no washing up... it's the BEST. Which is why we have no qualms ordering a full Sunday Roast to our home. It's no secret that Coal Rooms in Peckham gets our vote as one of the best around, and you can order a meat feast online. Cos there's no way you'd get those beef dripping roast potatoes right on your own. 

The Farmer's Mistress can deliver an awesome nut-roast (as well as chicken & 21 day aged rump for the non-veggies), while Collette delivers everything you could ever want for a luxe Sunday lunch. Lobster bisque followed by braised lamb shoulder with lemon & raspberry tart to finish? F*ck yeah. Fancy getting in the kitchen but want a little help? Order one of the DIY roast boxes from Townsend and try your hand at brining your own pork belly. You got this. 


Perk up with a coffee cocktail - the Espresso Martini from Moore House Cocktails should give you enough energy to leave the house. It's time for your hour walk so why not grab a tinnie and go listen to those birds singing - the new collection of Ready To Drink cocktails from East London Liquor Company will put a spring in your step. We love Vodka & Rhubarb. Wanna add an activity to your afternoon? Get baking! Forget your flour woes by ordering your ingredients from Gail's - the legends are delivering eggs, yeast & flour now. Use it to make our Boozy Banana Bread or Bourbon Brownies. As kickass as they look.


Time to get back in your PJs after the separation anxiety of a few hours. Horizontal on the sofa is the best way to bookend the weekend - even more so if you're drinking along to one of these films. Nothing says 'I've nailed Sunday' like ordering in a pizza and eating it straight from the box - Four Hundred Rabbits, Homeslice and Pizza Pilgrims always have our vote and are still delivering. Cap it all off by ordering a Negroni from Proofing Room for a real taste of La Dolce Vita. Congratulations - epic sesh complete.