How Brands Can Work With Us During Lockdown

When life gives us lemons, we make cocktails

Saying our industry is in crisis doesn't seem to cut it. Our bars need support, our hospitality workers need their jobs, our government need to pay attention and take action.

On the flip side booze sales revenue has shot up over 30%.  Cool, right?  Sure if brands are putting that money back into supporting the trade, like so many are. Also if consumers are learning about drinks, getting more creative by making cocktails in their kitchen and appreciating the magic that comes with enjoying a damn good drink.

That's our mission over here at BarChick.  When people are 'out' we hit them up with the best places to go, the people to meet and the drinks to order - and we can't wait to get back to that.  What about when they're 'in'? Consumers also use BarChick to discover what to drink when they're locked staying in. We've seen that for real with record numbers on our site over the past few weeks.  

From BarChick HQ we're working hard to keep people's spirits up, styling and shooting content, creating editorial and recipes, sending newsletters and working on trade campaigns.  We show people how to make drinks at home, educate them on the hottest bottles they need, and help them make good purchasing decisions through click to purchase. Below are some of the ways you can work with us through this time.  For BarChick stats, media packs, costs and to get involved send an email over to 

'Staying In' Content 


Support Your Accounts 

BarChick lives and breathes bars. Clue's in the name.  If you want to show your key accounts some support, give them a little love, and help them out with their post-Covid marketing / social media content / bottled cocktail promo / photography packages, then we're here to help. 

We're also launching 'What To Order' packages to further facilitate the relationship between brands, their bars and BarChick's consumers and trade audience. For more info on this email and we'll fill you in. 

Photography for Social Media & Marketing: BarChick Creative 

Our full-service production agency creates killer content for brands, bars and the booze biz.  From snappy social media shoots at our studio to styled at home serves, high production OOH and print shoots and video ad creation; we work with brands big and small in our industry.   We know what works, where, and can help shout about it across BarChick's channels too. 

Image credit: Spirited Media Ltd 

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