Does Your Favourite Drink Match Your Favourite Female Icon?

Strong women deserve strong drinks

Did you know that women are 35% more likely to be classed as "Super Tasters" in comparison to men.  Us gals can pick out complex flavours and mix 'em up with a decent amount of skill, too. Probably why these bad-ass iconic women have such good taste in drinks. We'd happily have any of them join us on a session. 

Drink like Liz: Gin & Dubonnet

When it comes to drinking like a royal, you better do it properly. Our longest-reigning monarch Elizabeth II is no stranger to a decent glass of booze (apparently drinking 4 cocktails a day!) While she's never one to turn down a top-notch glass of fizz, when she's kicking back on her throne, it's a Gin & Dubonnet she has in hand - specifically served with a slice of lemon, two ice cubes and every last pip taken out. Yaasss Queen.

Where would she drink it? Liz doesn't go to bars, bars go to her. But as it has a Royal Warrant, we bet she wouldn't say no to heading over the road from Buckingham Palace for a nightcap at The Goring Cocktail Bar on the sly...

Drink like Bey: Long Island Iced Tea

Beyonce has been known to get the party started with a couple of rounds of this potent cocktail. We know how much of a bad-ass this babe is (we've all listened to Lemonade, right?) so we reckon she's tough enough to knock back a few of these babies without them even touching the sides. 

Where would she drink it?  Rumour has it she discovered a love for the Long Island Iced Tea while at a Miami karaoke bar, so we reckon she'd love a night in Piano Works - fingers crossed she'll have joined the live band and cranked out a few renditions of Single Ladies by the time Happy Hour is over. 

Drink like Jen: Margarita

Let's face it, we all want her to be one of our friends. Especially when she has such good taste in cocktails. While Jennifer Anniston might not seem like the type to go buck-wild in Mexico, she doesn't make a secret of the Margarita (made with Patron and absolutely no sweetener, because L.A) being her go-to drink. If you need a drinking buddy, Jen, we'll be there for you.

Where would she drink it? Jen loves a holiday in Cabo in Mexico (coincidence?), so we reckon she hits up the Cabo Wabo Cantina and orders in the Margaritas when she wants to let loose on vacay. What happens in Cabo...

Drink like Oprah: Lemon Drop Martini

You get a cocktail! You get a cocktail! YOU get a cocktail. If Oprah worked behind a bar, we'd all be dancing on the tables in no time. This woman is the closest thing Americans are gonna get to royalty, and she's a big fan of martinis that are a little sweeter. Lemon Drops or Pomegranate Martinis are her thang, and who the hell are we to argue with Oprah? 

Where would she drink it? The team at the Palm Court bar at the Plaza Hotel in New York know how to make a killer Martini, but they're not averse to putting a personal twist on their drinks. So if Oprah wants something a lil sweeter, something a lil sweeter she'll get. Damn right. 

Drink like Dame JD: Champagne

She might have a beer named after her, but when it comes to Dame Judi Dench, she's ALL about the Champagne. And trees. She loves trees, apparently. Good for you, Judi... we'd join you for a bottle or two in the woods any day of the week.

Where would she drink it?  This Dame is no stranger to the West End stage, so we bet she loves to wind down after a stellar performance at J Sheekey's Atlantic Bar, maybe chucking a few oysters down the hatch with her glass of fizz while she's at it.

Make like Lizzy T: Chocolate Martini

We've all claimed to have invented something, right? Well, apparently we owe the Chocolate Martini to none other than Elizabeth Taylor.  While she and Rock Hudson were filming Giant in 1955 Texas, the pair added Hershey's chocolate syrup & liqueur to vodka to make this dangerously drinkable dessert serve, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Where would she drink it?  Where it all began, in Texas. We bet Liz Taylor has enough dollar to splash out at Austin’s Academia cocktail bar where they created a $100 Chocolate Martini made with the rarest and most expensive chocolate in the world, To’ak Chocolate.

Drink like Maggie: Whisky

Maggie Thatcher famously lived off 4-hours sleep a night, helped to invent Mr Whippy ice-cream and once said that when it comes to working through the night, "You must have whisky to give you energy’.” Only a true leader would bypass coffee and go straight to the booze cabinet when pulling an all-nighter.

Where would she drink it? The heavily subsidised bar in the Peer's Dining Room in the House of Lords. BarChick snuck herself in here once and got sipping on their rare and exclusive eponymous Single Malt. 100% worth getting into politics for. 

Drink like Coco: Wine (with Caviar)

Coco Chanel. Always looked fly in a tailored suit and liked a drink while doing it. She was known for believing that red wine and caviar would keep her young. Seems like an expensive skin routine to us, but we're 100% down for giving it a try... in the name of beauty, of course.

Where would she drink it? Paris, obviously.  We reckon if she was still around today, you'd see her looking mega glam in the window of Frenchie on the Rue de Nil, sipping on a robust glass of red.

Drink like Mary Berry: Tequila Slammers

Mary Berry is the nation's sweetheart. She knows how to rock a cardy, can whip up a perfect Victoria Sponge (no soggy bottoms in sight) and drinks like a 19th-Century pirate. Her favourite tipple is pretty much anything with alcohol, but word on the street is this old broad LOVES a tequila slammer.  Get that woman a Dame-hood IMMEDIATELY.

Where would she drink it? All those years of boozing means Mary has probably worked up a pretty hard-core resistance to drink. We bet she'd be down for an all-nighter at El Camion any night of the week.

Drink like Mossy: The French 76

The rumour is that it was Kate Moss who inspired the invention of the Espresso Martini when she asked Dick Bradsell for a drink that'd "wake her up and f*ck her up"...  but the legendary supermodel says her favourite drink is the French 76; a different take on the French 75, swapping the traditional gin for vodka. Alright Kate. Although she's sober these days so you might have better luck stocking up your booze free home bar if you wanna channel this supermodel.

Where would she drink it?  You might not find her on the Paris Fashion Week runway as much these days, but you'll almost definitely find ber in the Hemingway Bar at Paris' Hotel Ritz when she's in the mood for a cocktail.

Drink like Michelle: Classic Martini

Classy isn't usually a word we'd associate with politics, but when it comes to First Lady Michelle Obama, it's the best word we can think of. Classic, refined and sophisticated; they all match Michelle's fave drink; a classic Gin Martini.

Where would she drink it?  When the Obamas do date night they hit up Blue Hill in New York City where they toast to each other with straight-up martinis. Their love is as strong as the drinks.