Industry Legends: Meet Zoran Peric

Where have you/do you work?


Where do you live?


3 favourite London bars and why:

Rivoli bar at Ritz (Luis Simoes) - because the guys are highly pro, friendly and to the detail

Bassoon Bar Corinthia Hotel (Domenico De Felice) - love the set up, lighting, fantastic back bar, great and very passionate staff and great drinks

64th& Social (Alex Clark) - great venue, always good vibe, lovely bar team, great drinks and live music on Thursdays

3 favourite international bars and why:

High 5, Tokyo (Hidetsugu Ueno) - unique place and very good cocktails

Park Hotel, Tokyo (Takayuki Suzuki) - what can I say, best whisky serves ever!

The Hôtel Costes, Paris - ambience, bets lounge music DJ’s, once u have a cocktail in your hand that’s it, you don’t want to leave

Favourite drink:

Yamazaki 18y Rob Roy, orange zest

Introduce us to a great London bartender:

Boris Ivan from Longitude 0°8 - He's passionate about his drinks & cocktails and is very creative

Best part of your job?

Going different places (bars), meeting new and interesting people (bartenders) talking about Suntory whiskies

Ever done it on a bar?

Sure thing I’ve been doing it for years (this comment refers to cocktail making)

What's next for you?

Lots of good and exiting things I hope! Will keep u posted.

What did you want to be as a kid?


If you were going to make a BarChick cocktail what would you call it and what you be in it?

"Chicks Especial"

35ml Hibiki 12y

25ml Mandarine Napoleon

1 drop of Mozart Dark chocolate bitters

Orange zest

Method: Stirred

Serve: Straight up in a martini glass

Garnish: Orange twist and dark chocolate truffle